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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby CosmickGold » 02 Jan 2015 20:10

I've also experienced seeing people for the first time in a dream before actually meeting them. One morning I told my girlfriend about a girl who'd come to visit in my dream. I'd never met this girl. But about an hour later, the doorbell rang, I answered, and it was HER, in every detail, from hair style and color, right down to the small wrinkle above her upper lip.

One thing I've noticed though, when seeing things or people for the first time in a dream, is that when later meeting the real person or place, you can find you've misinterpreted a lot, or the person's size is quite different. One time, the golf course I'd seen in a dream with many white balls flying, turned out to actually be an empty mowed field next to a busy tennis court, with white balls flying. And the girl I mentioned above, was so short in real life, and small boned! In my dream, she'd been even taller than me, with matchingly bigger features.

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby amandae » 03 Feb 2015 00:33

I've been looking up the WILD technique because I feel like it would be a good technique for me to try someday, but something that's really bugging me out is all that I'm hearing about sleep paralysis. I know that all the hallucinations and such are all just in my head, but I still have a feeling that it will still creep me out nonetheless. Like is there something I can listen to during the whole process like brainwave entrainment(adding in an additional question here, is there some type of age restriction on these type of things? I'm 16.) or anything similar, or is there something I can do before I start this technique to rid of this fearful feeling? Please share any advice, thanks!

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby Rebecca » 03 Feb 2015 09:49

Oh my goodness. We have a lot of catching up to do with this Q&A. I'm going to temporarily lock this thread until we're up to speed -- please feel free to post your question in the relevant forum category instead.
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