Dreaming of the exact place i'm in

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Re: Dreaming of the exact place i'm in

Postby The Beach Boy » 24 Oct 2013 20:44

It's a sensitive subject, I am glad we could handle it without bring out curse words and threats hahah. I will say it again, I do believe in a soul. I also am at this point in my life what people would call an "atheist." I feel there is more to life than what we can prove though because my life has unfolded in a way that I simply can not understand. There is always a feeling for me that something is there. As far as the afterlife goes.. I have NO clue what I believe.

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Re: Dreaming of the exact place i'm in

Postby Summerlander » 25 Oct 2013 00:05

No need for cursing. Civility should always prevail. And, of course, I could be wrong about the afterlife.

I too am an atheist. But it is funny because I am reading a book by someone who lived about 300 years ago whom I admire very much for his free-thinking and enlightening views. He was ahead of his time and controversial. Not many people went to his funeral. He abhored religion but he was a Deist.

Deism is something that cannot be criticised to the extent that theism is. This is because, albeit hypothetical, Deism is somewhat more reasonable. Like atheism, it avoids the problem that theodicy attempts to tackle: what can vindicate the existence of a perfectly good God in the face of evil?

Anyway, the man I admire was a pamphleteer and the father of the American Revolution. He co-authored the declaration of independence, and, ironically, he was English.

His name was Thomas Paine. I believe we have other Thomas Paines in our midst today, who, albeit and venially not having all the answers, may push us in the right direction and encourage us to think for ourselves.

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The Beach Boy
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Re: Dreaming of the exact place i'm in

Postby The Beach Boy » 25 Oct 2013 04:34

"Common Sense"

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Re: Dreaming of the exact place i'm in

Postby Highlander » 26 Oct 2013 12:08

Hey guys, tonight i had another similar experience and i remembered what Summerlander and all of you guys said about the fact that my dream started in my room because that's created from memory and all.
What's curious about this last experiences is that i'm not practicing WILD. I'm practicing B-MILD but this always turns into WILD without my intention. But i like it.
I'm practicing B-MILD (repeating what i want to do in a dream with the help of my breathing). What this does is me falling asleep and, when i'm dreaming, i dream of the situation i thought before. But instead i feel my body heavier, some vibrations, total darkness and then some visual. I know that i'm in bed with my eyes closed but there appears some flashes of what's in front of me: my blanket near my face, part of my pillow and the wall of my room. The same visuals i would have seen in waking life but this i know it's in a dream. When this happened i thought: "Yeah, that's what my friends from the forum said. This is the last memory i had before i went to sleep. My mind is recreating them." And because my "transition" from waking life to dream happened so fast, my mind didn't have the time to create a all new environment, so it started with my room. Am i right on this? Now i see why my last WILD succesful attempts always starts with me in a room.
In one dream, my room started to morph into another environment and i could then have a LD in a whole new set. Or, in tonights case, when my room was fully constructed in the dream, i could jump off my window, fly and have my adventure.

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Re: Dreaming of the exact place i'm in

Postby Peter » 27 Oct 2013 02:31

At least half of my LD's start in my room and I walk to the glass doors and then through them and off into the night sky. If its the same for you it is a great way to go, one of my other exits is to go through a wall and not have anything in mind and see what is there for me on the other side.

When flying off into the night I go high enough that I cant make out the land or sea under me and then when I descend there will be something to have a look at
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