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Lucid Dream in Afternoon?

Posted: 11 Dec 2013 02:06
by noahsaso
Is there any way to lucid dream during the normal day? For example, if it's like 4 or 5, and I get bored and have nothing to do, I want to try to lucid dream. Can I accomplish this? Thanks!

Re: Lucid Dream in Afternoon?

Posted: 11 Dec 2013 02:29
by Summerlander
Of course you can. You can have a nap during the day, wake up, engage in some activity during the sleep inertia interlude, and then go back down in order to have a WILD. And even if you fall asleep a second time, with intention, you might just have a DILD. Naps can be taken advantage of and you can always employ the OOBE-separation technique when your inducing your lucid dream.

Do not attempt to induce a WILD directly (without any form of pre-sleep). This method of induction is too much of a challenge for the novice - though not impossible to accomplish.

I'd say stick to the shortcut to lucid dreamland.

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Re: Lucid Dream in Afternoon?

Posted: 29 Dec 2013 04:52
by taniaaust1
I find that the only way I can often WILD during the day is to NOT nap first.. once Ive napped a bit Im then wild awake and have no chance of drifting into a sleep state at all (so not much chance of a WILD then). So my suggestion is going to be the opposite to summerlander's and I suggest to focus on going into a LD while you are trying to go to sleep for your afternoon nap.

Everyone is different, you may need to experiement to find out what works best for you.