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On average, how many lucid dreams do you get per month?

More than the above
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Re: Dreams Per A Month Poll

Postby taniaaust1 » 12 Jan 2014 10:22

For me it really depends on various factors eg if Im trying to have LDs (then of cause I'll have more, Im currently not trying so my recent ones are spontanous).

If Im trying to have LDs it then also depends on the method Im trying to use (some methods cause me to have more then others).

I had a LD today (this afternoon) cause I was resting on my bed and accidently fell asleep for 5-10mins but as Im not trying to have them currently, my last one before, also spontanous was probably 3 weeks ago. If Im using the best techiques for me and have been really working on it eg if Im doing energywork daily which triggers then off for me, I can be having several a day/night. It can get to the point in which I dont want them (my brain like doesnt get to rest if Im having too many lucids).

(as its so variable with whatever Im doing, I didnt answer your poll). I have a fair chance of having a WILD whenever I put my mind to it.

currently when Im not working on trying to LD at all, about 1 per month.
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Re: Dreams Per A Month Poll

Postby Lucy_09 » 13 Jan 2014 09:40

Nice post!

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