Planning a general discussion via Skype

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Planning a general discussion via Skype

Postby Vonozar » 13 Jan 2014 17:17

The main topic thread for this was originally posted under the off topic section, but I feel it should be mentioned here as well as not everyone visits that section. This one is much more popular. Plus it sort of fits here as we are planning a (hopefully) large general discussion via conference call on Skype. We're going to have it takes place sometime this upcoming weekend, but the times are not set yet. So far Hagart (originally his idea), Goldkoron and I are going to take place in the call, but it would be awesome if more people wanted to join in. It could be really cool. :) Anyways, if you're interested go check out the original thread with the title 'Skype anyone?' and let us know. :)

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