Any words of advice?

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Any words of advice?

Postby Kaylium » 28 Jan 2014 03:33

Ok, I set my alarm every other day after 4 hours of sleep, so I can try to induce SP, but EVERY SINGLE time I wake up, I just think "f*ck this, I'll just do this tomorrow." So, do you have any tips on actually getting out of bed? haha I'm pretty lazy. Also, I've been reading more about SP, and it turns out that even if you keep your eyes closed, you may still feel things touching you or calling your name. So, exactly how does one stay calm and enter a dream while this is happening? And by the way, if you R looking for info about SP, go to YouTube and type in "Sleep paralysis explained Giz Edwards". He explains it well. Also, he has some videos of him playing Minecraft if anyone is into that :)

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