Why do you lucid dream?

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Why do you lucid dream

Experiential purposes ( e.g. flying, breathing underwater)
Learning about your self
Talking to your subconscious
Overcoming fear or other strong emotions
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As a gateway to OOBE's, astral projections or to another dimension/universe :O
Trying to learn things about the nature of the universe
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Re: Why do you lucid dream?

Postby Kirito » 22 Mar 2014 02:30

I love LDing. It is a very addicting hobby, even if the practice can take a while to get consistent.

I mainly do it for fun, adventure, and for future self improvement. I am not good enough yet to improve my waking with it, but i will get there.

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Re: Why do you lucid dream?

Postby dreamerinmiami » 25 Mar 2014 03:30

GalMutzafy wrote:
dreamerinmiami wrote:I do it because its cool and fun. Lately though I've been trying to ask my dream to help me invent something. I had one LD where I asked "What should I invent?" I woke up though.... who knows maybe ill be rich soon lol

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I have to say that is a very original idea!

hey thank you :) . Im sure someone has thought of it though. I saw a show where a guy had a dream and it helped finish his project from NASA. Im not sure if it was an LD though

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