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Re: Dream Challenges!!!

Postby taniaaust1 » 16 Mar 2014 03:44

Vonozar wrote:The dream is created by your subconscious, you're just navigating it. I talk to my subconscious pretty frequently using whatever method i feel like or is available. Usually I just talk to whatever DC is closest to me. Usually that works just fine unless they don't feel like talking or are being odd at that time. Then I just call out to the dream. That works too. When you think about it, everything that's there IS your subconscious. It really isn't that hard to call out to it. ;) I'm beginning to believe more and more that expectation plays a huge role in how your subconscious responds to you. For example, if you think "It would be nice to get a logical answer, but it probably won't happen." then because of expectation it probably won't. I'm not sure about this, but it makes sense given how much the dream world relies upon expectation. Anyways, now I'm rambling. : P Just try talking, see where it gets you.

I personally do think expectation is an issue when it comes to wanting to speak and get answers from the subconciousness... as a persons expections or simply their own beliefs are strongly also influencing what happens esp if one has asked a question. Hence I think personally that talking to ones subconsciousness is overrated.

Ones whole dream (except the things you are thinking at the time or desiring) is your subconsciousness expression and can tell you things if you know how to understand the language of your own subconciousness which is actually expressed in symbolism/images.

If you want to learn more about yourself and your subconciousness.. consider your whole dream and how everything in it appears, what objects appear, what happens etc etc.. and not just what is said to you. Your subconsciousness, one could say is speaking to you every dream and at every moment of every dream.

Ive got an memphor in my head of someone speaking together with their subconciousness in a dream. Its like say you want to know about France (eg about your subconciousness) so you want to speak to a french person to find out. You try to hold an conversation in English and you want the french person to reply back in English.. French person dont speak well in English thou so thou he may say some English words.. you are having to also try to interpute what they meant. Maybe it would of been easier if you'd learnt to speak french. (note..im not saying you cant learn anything from doing this as you can..but your WHOLE dream is your subconciousness and a person can learn to understand that)
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Re: Dream Challenges!!!

Postby HeadlessScorpio » 17 Mar 2014 22:09

Kman43759 wrote:Heres a fun challenge.
Fly to another planet and just kind of walk around and see what it's like there... See if there are any civilization there, if so, try to talk to them or declare war on the planet and destroy everything
Just mess around and see what its like. If you can't find a planet, you could always just create one :D

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I think this is a great idea! :D Fly around and look at the plants and animals/people. Maybe they're earth creatures. Maybe they're aliens with tentacles and multiple eyes. Maybe they're things from your favorite TV show. Maybe they're strange creatures your Sub-C.
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