a deeper understanding of dreams, sleep and lucidity

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a deeper understanding of dreams, sleep and lucidity

Postby electromagnetic » 26 Apr 2012 02:40

found it on serious wonder:


or just search serious wonder of google

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Re: a deeper understanding of dreams, sleep and lucidity

Postby Ryan » 29 Apr 2012 17:27

It resonates very well with my own understanding and experiences. :)

I'm going to post this over on my website too!

I, too, believe people have been too nonchalant regarding their dreams. "Dreams" to me, are exactly what the author mentioned they are... unconscious projections. To me, the concept of a "dream" is meaningless.

Once you shift your perception to the idea that dreams are more than what they seem to be... AND you shift your perception that what you're experiencing is a reality unto itself, you begin to see the "larger picture".

The larger picture being that reality is what you're experiencing at the time... the terms physical and non-physical have no meaning... and you're more than your physical body.
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