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Kman's LD Journey Update: Getting Back Into LD'ing

Postby Kman43759 » 19 Oct 2014 22:58

October 19th

So as ALWAYS I took a break from Lucid Dreaming... I stopped trying half way threw the summer because I moved. But anyways I'm going to get back into LD'ing, so here is what's happened I had quite a few Lucid Dreams unintentionally which is pretty sweet and my dream recall actually is not that bad.
I'll tell you guys my very short LD that I had a few weeks ago also.
So I'm at my old house in the backyard and I think my grandma is there and I said "This is a dream" and she said "Prove it" so I ran off the small hill in my backyard and started to fly and I parkoured onto the shed and then I fell and I THINK the dream ended but I don't know

1. Have my first LD in 10 days (last time it took me 12 days)
2. Fly (I've already done this since I quite LDing but still)
3. WBTB successfully
4. Complete a task on DreamViews

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Kman43759's Lucid Dreaming Journey
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