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Dream Recall

Postby ecc10394 » 18 Apr 2014 04:43

So up until a week ago, I had perfect dream recall, where 95% of the time, I can remember at least 2 full dreams per night. I was able to write down a page or more of my dreams. During this time, I was going to sleep around 2 AM everyday, sometimes 3, and wake up at 12 everyday. A week ago, I started falling asleep at 4, 430 and waking up at 1 or so everyday, and during this week, I was only able to write down like 1 or 2 dreams in that whole week! And when I would write them down it would only be a small paragraph or so. Can me falling asleep one hour later and wake up one hour later than usual really make this huge of a difference. Also would I have more lucid dreams, going to sleep at a more normal time, like 10-12, instead of 2,3 or 4?

This is really frusterating, cause I have been practicing lucid dreams for months now, writing down my dreams everyday, and about 2 weeks ago, I had 2 or 3 lucid dreams for the first time ever! But now I feel like I am slowly losing all that recall, and im losing my ability to lucid dream or remember my dreams for that matter.

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