Strange dreamscape

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Strange dreamscape

Postby Karin » 14 May 2014 15:06

Has anyone experienced a dreamscape that looks just like a bunch of white noise pixels, similar as what a an older TV screen looks like when you unplug the antenna or are tuned to a frequency where there is no channel reception?

This happened to me about a month ago, as I had my first WILD at 3:00am. I first entered a dream where I was flying around snow mountains. After a while of enjoying this, I decided to see if I could try to meet with a non-physical-type of consciousness (which I am highly interested in). As soon as I set this intention, I felt something like 'a changing of gears' in my consciousness, a sensation of 'going up' or 'accelerating', and I found myself in this white noise pixel dreamscape. I couldn't make sense of it, except for some kind of 'discontinuity' or 'crack' in the center of the white noise dreamscape, with something moving jerkily in there, looking a bit like a fuzzy cartoonish skeleton. :o

Since nothing more seemed to be happening and this wasn't going anywhere, I 'went back' to the previous mountain dreamscape. After a while, I decided to try again with the same intention of meeting that entity, and the same thing happened: sensation of shifting gears and accelerating, and then boom, I am back in the white noise pixel type of dreamscape, with that fuzzy moving thing in the center, but no way to make sense of it or move beyond it.

Maybe I am not yet able to 'tune to that channel' yet, LOL! :D

Then I gave up and ended up waking up.


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Re: Strange dreamscape

Postby KingQuita » 18 Aug 2018 01:25

:o :shock:
Me and my friend happen to be talking about this experience a few moments ago. I tried to research about it in order to find out what this strange feeling is and my searching led me to your story. This same thing happens to me. Like everything is fast. Accelerated. And being stock in the middle or going back and fort. And like there's a static background or something like that. I can't fully describe it properly but I know we're talking about the same thing here. The scary thing about this experience is the entity we see. My friend also sees an entity in his experience. The same shit. He describes it as a nightmare of some sort. I haven't really experienced it again but it happened to me many times. Me and my friend jokingly concluded that maybe we got abducted. :| :? :shock:

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