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WILD SP: Share your crazy sensations

Posted: 16 Jun 2014 02:07
There's a place to share lucid dreams, and non-lucid dreams, but few talk about the bizarre sensations we experience at the onset of a Wake Induced Lucid Dream. Some simply call it SP, short for Sleep Paralysis, but it's not always what you stereotypically hear about.

To me, it's just our minds making sense of the body's natural tendency to slip into muscle atonia (disconnect from the body so we don't act out our dreams) and due to being in a dreamy, hallucination-prone mind, we experience all sorts for crazy things.

I was searching my dream journal and just picked one at random. This happened last February 2013:

I was in bed and heard people doing things in real life, but felt like I was half asleep and it felt familiar. I saw a design form before my eyes and it felt like I was looking at bed sheets up really close. I just sat there and waited to see what would happen. I was sleeping on my side with my arms folded which was pinching my fingers. I knew it was uncomfortable, but decided to follow through with the WILD anyway. I heard a ringing in my ears and the bed sheet design lost most of it's color as if it was now in high contrast with only two colors (forget which colors, but it wasn't black and white). I waited for a dream to start, but it didn't. I felt my body completely relax and a sudden sinking feeling. I felt like I was now asleep, even if it didn't feel like it. I still heard some sounds from the people in real life (or so I thought), and reminded myself that if anyone entered the room, called out my name or grabbed me from behind the sheets, it would probably be an hallucination. I moved may arms and it felt good to get out of the uncomfortable position I was in. My hands and arms were sweaty. I pulled the sheets off and looked at the room.

I knew immediately, it was not my room.... (yada, yada, had a lucid dream)

It seems like I Yada, Yada'd over the best part, but that's not what this thread is for. I want to share only the crazy sensations we feel at the onset of a WILD, or even if the dream doesn't pan out and you wake up from that crazy state of mind, and remember it. We may find some commonalities and allay people's fear of the dreaded Sleep Paralysis, because it's not always a bad thing and although confusing it's quite harmless most of the time.

That was one I just picked at random and have many other bizarre, and funny experiences I can share after I find them.

Re: WILD SP: Share your crazy sensations

Posted: 16 Jun 2014 17:44
I had another experience this morning, so this is the latest one I've had.

It happened in the morning and I almost woke up, but relaxed with my eyes closed. I started to hear a ringing in my ears like what happens after a rock concert, or any other extended periods of loud sound. It was that familiar high pitch tone. Then it started to sound exactly like the hum of a refrigerator I know of in real life and was nearby. (I could have been hearing the real thing, but can't verify it.)

I continued to passively observe the sensations and I saw my black, digital clock radio that I keep near my bed. There was no time displayed on it, but in the center I saw 2 brightly colored, squiggly lines, 'dancing' and 'squirming' for lack of better words. One was vibrant red and the other was vibrant blue, as if they were actually emitting light. I continued to watch them and hear the buzzing refrigerator and I zoomed into the patch of blackness with the squiggly lines further and further and finally I was in total darkness and silence.

I opened my eyes and did a reality check. I was in a dream now....

So this time I didn't feel any body sensations at all and must have already been under the spell of muscle atonia. But I've heard our inner ear starts to vibrate when we start dreaming which would explain the sounds. I have other accounts of seeing the colors, red and blue, and I have a hunch that it's no coincidence that they are also the two ends of the spectrum of visible light we can sense. I wonder if others commonly see flashes of red and blue too?

Re: WILD SP: Share your crazy sensations

Posted: 17 Jun 2014 19:47
This was the most memorable one and goes to show that controlling your fear helps keep 'the monsters' away:

(December 16, 2012)

The first thing I remembered was feeling that familiar 'grip' take over me. I thought about what I was doing just a moment earlier ( there was a lapse of consciousness ), and I remember hearing voices and I heard Conan O'brien (I watch his show a lot) and he said, "On with the show!", or "Time to start the show!" Something like that. I am familiar with this feeling and I just let it go and take over me. I felt the bed sheets tighten around me and it started to constrict my neck. I could still breath, but the feeling was unnerving. I then felt a 'hand' on my back and push down hard. I was sleeping on my belly. It wasn't comfortable and pressed so hard I felt like my back was starting to bend the wrong way. I use to feel a sinister presence in the room times before this, but now I reassure myself that there is nobody else doing this to me and it is all in my head. I waited calmly for a dream to start, but it just wouldn't. I felt a finger poking me on my back rapidly now and it was relentless. Finally, I just gave up and decided to confront the 'thing' that was doing this.

I opened my dream eyes and looked. The room was dark, but I reached out to where the thing was poking me from. It felt like a finger. I couldn't see it, but it felt like a finger as real as touching one in real life. My tactile sensations were in full swing although the visuals were dim. I was annoyed with it so I grabbed it and bent it back on itself until it snapped. It felt like I had dislocated it. I almost felt sorry for it and didn't mean to cause it pain. But it still continued to poke me, now near my stomach because I had just sat up to face it. I then grabbed it by the wrist, still no visuals of it, but feels so real. As I held the disembodied hand, it continued to move and do a poking action. It felt like holding on to a flopping fish. Then I decided, that's enough, I'm leaving!

I left the 'room' and went to the front door of my house and exited. That always helps solidify a lucid dream like this. Although not physically distant from the source, I was mentally distant (that's my theory). Now I was outside, the sun was shining and I was free from that creepy experience. I was still holding the hand and when I looked down at it, it had taken a visual form and actually looked like a hand now. I didn't like holding the creepy thing though so I tossed it. My dogs were outside and were very excited to see me and one of them snatched the hand off the ground and chewed it, shaking his head, as if it were a dog toy. Again I felt a little sorry for it, as if it were a living entity with feelings.

Although unnerving at the time, it's actually quite funny now that I recall it.

Re: WILD SP: Share your crazy sensations

Posted: 19 Jun 2014 01:28
by Karin
OMG!!! I saw the exact same thing, the blue and red lines like you describe! That's crazy! :shock:

Great idea to post your experiences. Very cool stuff.

I agree that being familiar with this spectrum of experiences BEFORE experiencing them might alleviate a lot of unnecessary fears. For many years as a child and a teenager, I had sleep paralysis, rushing sounds in my ears, and a rush of heat going from my feet up to my head, and it was absolutely terrifying. I would not understand why I was screaming my head off but nobody in the room was hearing me. Bed time was a scary time.

Then later on I thought those were partial seizures...

By knowing these sensations are not abnormal, one can relax into them, be curious as opposed to afraid, and by allowing the process rather than fighting it, possibly end up with a WILD!

Re: WILD SP: Share your crazy sensations

Posted: 19 Jun 2014 04:46
A line from the movie, "Waking Life":
(Paraphrased in my own words) I'm here to cut-out all the fear and anxiety crap so others can just rock and roll! 8-)

Blue and red is certainly a common feature. I have a theory that it's because our minds are use to those two colors being at either ends of the spectrum of visible light and perhaps all perceivable colors are constructed from those basic two. :ugeek: ;)

Re: WILD SP: Share your crazy sensations

Posted: 19 Jun 2014 14:03
by Karin
Ha ha, I just had a partial WILD/LD/nonsense this morning around 6:00am. Wow, that one was a bunch of boring nonsense with limited lucidity, as opposed to the bright, vivid, acutely lucid two WILDs I had around 3:00am back in April and May.

But there were a whole lot of crazy sensations today. Very rough vibrations. I mean, why is it vibrating so much???? It felt as if all my balls and bearings would fall off, LOL. I am pretty sure my mouth was moving and maybe making sounds (my husband was already up so I did not get confirmation I made any sounds, maybe it was part of the dream...).

Funny thing is what triggered it was a dream where I was sitting on a chair and at some point I started meditating (in the dream): this triggered the vibration and rolling sensations, and partially woke me up, and from there I went back into a meditative state, which would immediately intensify the vibrations and rushing sounds. It went on for a while. This time I really was able to confirm that shifting my mind into a meditative state is what amplifies the sensations (in other words, maybe the meditative state facilitates the sensory disconnection process).

Then what actually finally propelled me into the WILD was the point at which I let go, kind of like a surrender. The same thing happened in the previous two WILDs: giving up is what gives the final push into the WILD. This morning, at some point I had enough of these crazy sensations, so I decided to give up and go to the kitchen for breakfast. That's when I noticed that I was on a dirt road, and there is no dirt road going from my bedroom to my kitchen, LOL. I realized that I was in an LD! Finally! I decided to admire the landscape (it was a dirt road on a hill overlooking a desert landscape), then I decided to explore a path going down, and then I slowly became non-lucid.

Anyways, concerning crazy sensations, there were tons of them this morning: at some point, while everything was vibrating, I was looking at the ceiling (which BTW wasn't looking like my real ceiling), and I felt like the bed and me were sinking down quickly, with the square ceiling looking smaller and smaller far up. I also tried to roll to the sides 'to get out of my body', but this didn't work. I did wrestle with these sensations until I gave up and at that point I was in the WILD.