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Strange but Welcome Success

Posted: 12 Jul 2014 20:49
by Rotoscope
Well, I think I finally hit a milestone towards lucid dreaming(haven't had one yet). Last night I had a lot of crazy dreams, a lot of which I remember in pieces, but one of them involved me having a discussion(can't remember with whom), about how to have wake-induced-lucid-dreams. So the concept of lucid dreaming has made it's way into my dreams, I just haven't yet realized I'm actually in a dream myself.

Man This is good stuff. I'm almost there.

Re: Strange but Welcome Success

Posted: 13 Jul 2014 21:12
by Kman43759
Nice! Keep trying your probably almost there!

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Re: Strange but Welcome Success

Posted: 15 Jul 2014 22:15
by Peter
You are on the edge, dont sweat WILD as the control is very hard but in trying and adding intent it massively ups the chance of a SILD so keep at it

Re: Strange but Welcome Success

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 04:29
by Rotoscope
Hopefully I am almost there. Thanks!

I'm not sure where I stand at the moment, since nothing similar has happened since, but I haven't been actively doing LDing techniques the past few weeks either, though I'm getting back on it.

As for WILD, I figure that will come naturally as I put more time into meditation, and get used to deep relaxation while still maintaining enough control to avoid losing consciousness into sleep. The whole thing is fascinating to me.

Re: Strange but Welcome Success

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 20:42
by Peter
At the end of the day meditation is good but if you want to WILD then practice it. get to the edge of sleep and get used to any feelings and sensations that you notice or feel and get right to the edge and stay calm and just observe.

Practicing mediation will get you good at that, I have had 100's if not many 100's of WILD's and no meditation or anything else other that relaxing to get to sleep and just noticing my mind.

What you are doing is keeping your mind awake while part of your mind goes to sleep. That simple