SOS - The Lucid Struggle

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SOS - The Lucid Struggle

Postby Cooly568 » 05 Aug 2014 08:42

So about four months ago, I made a post about being new here and saying how I had been trying to Lucid Dream for about six months, and that I had been struggling to have a induced Lucid Dream.
Well it's been four months since then, and I still haven't had another Lucid Dream since that first one.
So I want to describe what I'm doing, how I can improve, or ask IF I can improve.

So in the past eight months, ever since I had my first spontaneous Lucid Dream, I have been Dream Journal-ling almost every morning, doing about 12 to 18 Reality Check sessions a day, and in those sessions I do two reality checks of two types, and then tell myself I'm not dreaming, but check twice more to make sure.
I listen to a Isochronic Tone for about ten to thirty minutes a night, and I think about what I'd do in my Lucid Dreams almost every second that I'm consciously laying in bed, and most of my time in the day is also spent thinking about Lucidity.

I understand that some people can Lucid Dream within weeks upon hearing about it, so why has it been nearly nine months and I've only had one accidental Lucid Dream?

I apologize that my only two posts on this forum have been me asking for help, but it's because I don't feel I can talk about Lucid Dreaming, without having Lucid Dreamt before.

This is the post I made four months ago.

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Re: SOS - The Lucid Struggle

Postby JonSnowLD » 05 Aug 2014 12:59

Do you try induction techniques like MILD or WBTB on top of what you already do? Because that could help if you don't!

Also, consider the fact that maybe you're trying to hard and taking a break for a few days might leave you more focused :)

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