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Shapeshifting In Lucid Dreams

Posted: 18 Aug 2014 21:30
by Jackson
Hello, everybody. I have recently been wondering whether it would be possible to change my form in a lucid dream, or shapeshift. The one problem is that I have absolutely no idea how I could go about doing this. I would love to be able to soar like a bird, torpedo through the water extremely fast, and even become some superheroes :D So any ideas you people have, please tell me, and thank you in advance. :D

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Re: Shapeshifting In Lucid Dreams

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 04:19
by Jacob46719
HEY someone who wants to shapeshift that isn't just me :D

I'd say do whatever is convincing.

-Some options I found on the internet-
-use magic items
-use a mirror to shape yourself
-just do it

What I do is imagine it happening, then BAM, it's done.

Re: Shapeshifting In Lucid Dreams

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 06:31
Give up your whole idea of a physical proprioception of a body and before you accomplish what you thought you wanted to do, your mind is already blown. :shock:

What is it you wanted to be? You will question the very notion of 'want'. And how 'desire' dictates all your behavior as an endless game of cat and mouse; chasing emotional rewards.

What is thyself, but a shapeless, conceptual idea.

(It's late at night, and I'm sleep deprived, and I say weird stuff.... but it makes perfect sense to me!) 8-)