New lucid dreaming technique?

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New lucid dreaming technique?

Postby Alien874 » 20 Aug 2014 02:59

First of all I don't know if this technique already exists. I saw the movie "Inception" and saw how they used ear pods while they were asleep to play music at a certain time to know time was running out. I would like to know if if I train myself to recognize a certain sound or music when awake, will I recognize it in a dream and become lucid if I use ear pods while dreaming playing the song/sound during REM sleep?(set an alarm clock six hours into sleep). Or will it make me wake up? or would it not do anything at all?
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Re: New lucid dreaming technique?

Postby GalMutzafy » 20 Aug 2014 08:30

You would wake up I guess if you would hear loud music, calm and quiet music won't in my opinion.

I think you can train yourself by also using MILD like: ''When I'm going to hear this song, I'll become lucid''.
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