Some ideas of what to do in a lucid dream

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Some ideas of what to do in a lucid dream

Postby shankarsitarman » 21 Aug 2014 02:24

1. Jump inside a volcano
2. Have lunch with Abraham Lincoln
3. Do front flips on the moon
4. Play drums for your favorite band at a concert
5. Watch tv
6. Take LSD. Enjoy a consequence-free trip
7. Go skydiving without a parachute
8. Participate in a NASCAR race. To prevent boredom, you can "accidentally" crash into someone.
9. Be the character of your favorite video game
10. Climb mount Kilimanjaro without safety gear. Enjoy the view
11. You just won the lottery. Spend it wisely
12. Be a jet pilot
13. Go for a walk with your pet rhinoceros
14. Turn on the tv and jump into the screen
15. Create a recipe. Cook it up and give it a taste.

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