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Tinnitus and Lucid Dreaming

Posted: 28 Aug 2014 22:35
by TheUpstream

I am currently 19 years old and have been suffering from tinnitus for 7 years (Tinnitus is basically "ear ringing"). I tried nearly everything to cure it with absolute zero success. All I learned is that the "sound" I'm "hearing" is not proper sound that is objectively measurable, but in fact my own brain feeding me this signal.

It even happened to me once, that a nurse who was measuring the intensity of the sound, accused me of making it all up. And in fact, what they did measure, eventually, is that I have solid sound perception, with 1% deviation.

This constant high pitched "noise" (the quality of the sound is resembling of turning off old TV) is remarkably tiring and stressful, even after being with me for such a long time.

So to get to the point,
I am asking whether I would be hearing this ringing even while lucid dreaming,
and if lucid dreaming could help me relax from this constant tension.

Thank you in advance, and if someone has experience with tinnitus and LD, please, let me know.

-O.A. ;)

Re: Tinnitus and Lucid Dreaming

Posted: 31 Oct 2017 10:43
by Veiler's Haven
Read my book, "Behind The Veil: The Complete Guide to Conscious Sleep". It's book #1 in the Subliminal Cognition Training series. :)

Re: Tinnitus and Lucid Dreaming

Posted: 15 Nov 2017 17:55
by Juckles
the answer is yes and no if your so uset to hearing the ringing that your subconscious finds it normal yes but you could suppress it in the lucid dream if you find that difficult you could reprogram your subconscious that its not a normal thing that shouldnt be there

Re: Tinnitus and Lucid Dreaming

Posted: 17 Nov 2017 01:50
by jasmine2
I am sorry that you have a significant problem with tinnitus. I do think it is possible to heal oneself or others in lucid dreams. Here are several articles about healing in lucid dreams and visualizing healing energy.

- "Healing the Whole Self Through Radical Lucid Dreaming" - Reality Sandwich - - by Robert Waggoner

- Dream Speak- "An Interview With Ed Kellogg, PhD" -
Includes Ed's description of using chants and magic spells in lucid dreams

- "Healing Hands/ Confessions of a Clairsentient" -

- "Energy Balls For Healing and Sensing Energy" -
Visualizations used in Reiki practice

Here is some information about a newer treatment for tinnitus called "notched sound therapy".
In this type of sound therapy, the user determines the internally perceived troublesome tinnitus sound frequency. (An audiologist can help with this testing.) There are some some notched sound therapy Apps for smart phones. (Quality and price can vary a lot.)

Then the user listens to music which has the tinnitus sound frequency filtered out. Theoretically, over time, brain neuroplasticity may allow the volume of the bothersome tinnitus sound to decrease.

- Articles -

- "Tinnitis Treatments + Therapies: 2017 Update" -
See subsection - Newer sound therapies - Notched Sound Therapy
- Note - Some apps only have limited choices of music. It is preferable to be able your own choices of music with the app.

- "Is Notched Sound Therapy A Cure For Tinnitus? - - May 11, 2016

Some samples of notched music tinnitus treatment apps -

- AudioNotch (cost $40 for 2 months - $100 for 12 months)

- Tinnitracks
See article - "Tinnitracks Tinnitus App Not Available In Us Yet" -
- Note regarding the cheaper Tinnitus Pro - User comment - This app not updated. Will not work on some newer iOS devices.