Help with dreams

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Help with dreams

Postby Blast169 » 05 Sep 2014 00:05

Are the any techniques to have a dream that you want? (i.e doing something that will make you defiantly have a certain dream)

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Re: Help with dreams

Postby Alien874 » 05 Sep 2014 01:02

Are you asking how to change the dream plot/scene? In that case you could try on using a dream portal (Example: passing through a mirror)and expect it to take you where you want or you could try spinning and visualize the new scene.

If you are asking how to have a specific dream theme when you go to sleep, I cant help you much on that, what I do know is that during the day you are getting elements that are going to appear on your next dream. For example: Going to the beach the whole day could make you dream about it.
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