Difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming?

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Re: Difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming?

Postby degausser44 » 31 Jan 2015 22:56

i personally think astral projection is just lucid dreaming. ive had many lucid dreams using the OBE exit. the first time i did it i thought it was astral projection and since i believed it was at first it was just like everyone described it. it was dark, i could see my body still sleeping, i could walk through walls, but after awhile it just turned into a regular lucid dream. i'm open to believe anything though, and i'm very interested on the subject.

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Re: Difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming?

Postby deschainXIX » 31 Jan 2015 23:16

I agree, degausser44. I find it very interesting, but I also think that real discussion about the spiritual metaphysics of astral projection is instantaneously vaporized with a single swipe of Newton's flaming laser sword.
Well said.

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Re: Difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming?

Postby taniaaust1 » 01 Feb 2015 08:07

nesgirl wrote:It doesn't matter whether a person is religious or anti-religious. Either way, someone could end up doing something really evil in the end. Ultimately you never know if someone could commit a crime, lie or deceive you in what they are saying, or hurt you in anyway, there is no way to know with just about anyone out there. Ultimately you have to be really cautious and can never truly trust humanity, as you never know if anyone out there will truly deceive you at any minute. At least you know that a dog or a cat will never deceive you, and can trust in them.

Oh No you cant trust your cat!. They will deceive you too if they get the chance.

The other day there was a big crash from my kitchen which alerted me to cat on cupboard so I ran into there to tell the cat off. Instead of doing its normal fleeing thing cause of knowing it was in trouble, it had come up with a new plan. It decided to just sit there and play innocent, it managed to put the most innocent facial expression into its look too.

Take care nesgirl, cats may deceive you too.
The only thing to fear is the fear itself

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