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Postby Tanner Mies » 22 Sep 2014 08:43

Since I've started my journey through my innermost self I've noticed something unsettling to me
and I need advice.
When in the lucid dream I thought to myself if this isn't real what is?
The illusion of the dream started to fade into white mist starting with the material world than the ground around me and etc... (Ancients refer to this as passing the veil)
I found myself standing on a pearlescent pink ocean I looked up to a pink sky radiating purple with a blue sun
and orange clouds. surrounded by mountains overlooking a city in the distance.
I got the unsettling feeling i didn't belong here so I fell out of the realm into my regular dreamscape.
the next night I became lucid I decided to try it again and it happened again!
Then the next night and the night after that. Its a stationary realm thats always there but I've never had the balls to stay longer than 5 seconds. I find myself peeking in every night.
I know in the dreamscape nothing can harm me because it isn't real, but this place make me second guess my self.

Does anyone else experience this and if so is it safe???
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