Worst Pain Felt In LD That Didn't Wake You?

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Re: Worst Pain Felt In LD That Didn't Wake You?

Postby dreamstudent » 25 Sep 2014 05:46

Yeah superfly that's because your mainr REM sleep stage probably happens towards the end of your sleep schedule meaning that your strongest and longest rem is at the end of your sleep. I know this because I calculated my rem schedule using dream journals and timing stuff and I also have a rem schedule more towards morning that's the longest. Although you can't actually factually say when your rem schedule is without an eeg machine. Writing down times I went to bed and woke up help me to find that out. How often do you lucid dream weekly? Using the wake up method or what?

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Re: Worst Pain Felt In LD That Didn't Wake You?

Postby superfly9 » 25 Sep 2014 06:01

I'm not quite sure cos I have only just started being able to control them for longer when I realized on my own that keeping calm was the key.. I used to think gaining control in the dream was the end of it and I would wake up in a second cos I would always just run around crazy trying to do weird stuff in the little time I would have :? and then I would wake like straight away lol.. But then when I've starting reading stuff on here I have been having them the last 4 nights straight and up to 2 or 3.

I wish I had learnt about this sooner.. So I could have been having decent long LD's for years, But I don't really have a technique I just hope the fact that I realize I'm dreaming when I'm in the dream, and it's been happening a lot more the more I read up on this stuff, I have only just started keeping a dream journal, and I guess the waking up part obvious does something cos it's wen I have most of mine, I never intentionally wake myself up.. I guess just the last few days I have been waking at the right time to LD just after

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