rescuing someone

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rescuing someone

Postby PurpleMusic » 25 Sep 2014 16:46

My girlfriend suffers from depression, and recently left me in order to take time and space, and seek professional help. I'm currently probably going crazy from loneliness, watching the hours and days and waiting for some word from her as to our future, and I've been dreaming of rescuing her in various circumstances, which I could describe if it would help.

I want to seek help in finding and helping her. In the "dream world" she has her natural hair color, which I believe means that I'm seeing the "real" her. In my experiences in life, I firmly believe in the existence of another plane, and I hope with all my heart that by reaching her there, I may have some chance in giving her strength and fighting with and for her. I'm looking for advice from anyone who has tried this before, or can help me gain more strength and movement in my dreams. I know it's a super long shot, but I believe she's honestly trying and I would give anything, body and soul, to help her and hopefully win her love once again.

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