Could ANYONE advice me on something?

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Re: Could ANYONE advice me on something?

Postby taniaaust1 » 18 Oct 2014 07:57

nesgirl wrote:Also it is because of this, it is one of the main reasons why sometimes I do lock myself in the isolation of my house most of the time and have decided not to make any friends. Although at least my cats don't mind if I have a horrible mood swing, and I can talk to them no matter what.

Also please understand I don't understand romance because I can't feel it, and I have seen bad things happen in association with it, so I associate it with negativity rather than positivity.

If you didn't know this, there is a way you can get rid of me forever.
If you really wanted me gone permanently, however, you could "Report Me". Tell the mods of everything you feel like I did wrong to you, and you can even exaggerate it a bit to your liking. You would get your wish then. If that is what you really want, if you really want me gone forever, that is all you have to do.

Dont worry, Im not about to report you, you didnt do anything wrong in your posts in this thread, its me that needs to now get over it, with my Aspergers thou its quite hard for me to let go of things esp since I still feel hurt from the episode. Im trying hard to let it go and till I do and your very presence is like a trigger now to me, I'll keep you on ignore and just hope I dont keep knowing or sensing which of your posts are responses to mine which then makes me unable to ignore them and makes me then look (and then with my Aspergers its like Im then also compulsed to reply (I did extremely well not to respond that time you badly attacked me, Im proud of myself for that). Im trying hard to get over what happened.

As far as mood swings go, cause I used to have severe premenstral dysphoric disorder along with having a triggering off hyerinsulinemia issue which made that the PMDD even worst, I do understand mood swings some. Mine actually were so bad with my medical conditions that I got into police trouble, I even decked my gardener when he arrived to lawn mow my yard when he was drunk (I have no tollerance to anything wrong when I are mood swingy), I also hit in the face a vaccum salesperson who came to my front door to try to sell me one of those. I had to keep myself away from forums while having a bad mood swing (but unfortunately couldnt control the people who come to my house door so easily). I strongly suggest that if you are mood swingy you do the same as it does help avoid getting oneself into trouble.

Dont feel any need to reply back.. we shouldnt be hyjacking a thread but I dont want pm contact with you. Hopefully once you've seen this post that one of the mods will remove the off subject posts.
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