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Could ANYONE advice me on something?

Posted: 05 Oct 2014 18:22
by allisondkl
I'm not sure if this is the right place to come to for answers. But if there's anyone willing to read this and just at least give me their opinion, I'd really appreciate any type of feedback! Thanks :)
I have these dreams that are hard to describe, but I will try my best to. It's like I'm awake but I'm 100% sure it's a dream. I am aware of everything around me, I can see the person next to me, my bed and blankets, everything in my room. When I try to open my eyes it's extremely blurry and almost like double vision. (I'm unsure if I'm really even opening my eyes or if that's part of the dream.) The way it feels to me is like my spirit is trying to leave my body, but it weighs so much. Once I get out of my body, I'm usually right back in it, and the cycle keeps repeating itself. Other times I get out then wonder around my house. I don't usually get very far before I'm back in my body. I can vividly see my house around me. I've felt the walls on my fingertips before, as I floated down the hall. I say float because I can see my feet, when I look down, about 2 inches from the ground. Another time I floated to my bathroom and hung upside from the ceiling. It was disturbing to me. I've gotten as far as my front door before, but I'm never able to get out of the house. Sometimes the dreams are harmless, other times they take a toll on my everyday life after I wake up. This morning for example, I knew I was asleep but I felt very awake.I could see my boyfriends head exactly the way it was to the left of me, I could see the sun shining through the blinds, everything. I had been in this state for quite awhile when I heard someone on my right side but no one was there. I felt like something was pushing me up against my boyfriend. Then it went to my feet, picked up one foot, then the other, and it felt like it was pulling my soul out of my body? WEIRD RIGHT? I yelled for my boyfriend (but it was a dream I'm guessing) so he didn't hear me. I grabbed his leg as I was being dragged from my ankles out of the bed. I woke up for real this time and I was completely petrified. Does anyone understand this or have any idea what these dreams are? Are they lucid? Am I a nut? LOL please help

Love Allison :)

Re: Could ANYONE advice me on something?

Posted: 05 Oct 2014 21:51
by allisondkl
Thank you for responding:) Your dream world sounds intense! I have a question though. What exactly does WILDs mean?

Re: Could ANYONE advice me on something?

Posted: 06 Oct 2014 01:06
by James.S
You're not going nuts you're just lucid dreaming! Lucid dreaming is an amazing thing, it's nothing to be afraid of.

I have had similar experiences to what you're describing. As for the blurred vision, It helps to try and really focus on something on the room. Stare at the floor or the wall or an object and it should slowly come into focus. Blurred vision in a dream usually means the dream isn't very stable which is probably why you keep ending up back in your bed and "resetting" the dream.

In a lucid dream you can do anything you can imagine, this is why you were floating. You can control your dreams by simply "willing" things to happen. For example, if you truly believe you can fly in a dream you will fly. But if you have the slightest doubt, it probably won't happen. You can even just shout/talk to the dream and ask it to do things for you.

If you are having trouble wondering if it is a dream or not, perform a reality check. An example of a few would be:
-Looking at some writing, looking away, then looking back again and the text will have changed if you're dreaming.
-Do the same thing but with a watch/clock, if you're dreaming the time will have changed when you look back.
-Will your finger to go though a piece of furniture or a wall, if you're dreaming it will.

Next time you get this dream, try to keep the dream stable by focusing of something, then you can reach your front door, go out into the world and do anything you can imagine. Anything.


Re: Could ANYONE advice me on something?

Posted: 06 Oct 2014 06:52
by dreamstudent
If this naturally occurs continue to experiment the most important thing is don't fear it it's a dream in which you are aware. And the possibilities are limitless. Let the thing keep pulling you if it happens again after all its a dream and you got your bf right there for you.

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Re: Could ANYONE advice me on something?

Posted: 14 Oct 2014 12:43
by taniaaust1
It sounds like out of body experiences (OBE) going on and that you are going astral into that plane. For ones new to it, it isnt uncommon at all to keep being pulled back into the body (with some experience with this the bodies energy gets stronger with it and one can stay out longer).

Floating is extremely common in OBEs so is being able to see ones bedroom. Hanging from ceiling stuff common in OBEs as most of us end up floating up by the ceiling and then do things like turn upside down (as its quite an experience to be out of normal gravity).

It sounds like something in the astral did really grab you. Ive had a couple of times something or someone try to pull me out (once it was someone trying to help me astral project after I purposely tried to meet up with some online astral projectors at a AP meeting place in the astral but then was being pulled back to my body so that was good he grabbed me and tried to hold me out there, but the other time I experienced that, it scared me cause I didnt know what or who was pulling me out).

You can try communicating with the other next time to try to learn more about what you are experiencing (treat others in the astral plane with respect and take care, treat them as you would any stranger).

Here's an experiment you can do. Place a card face up without looking to see what it is, on top of a wardrobe. Then when you get out of body, check out what the card is. If you are in real time plane you may be able to actually see the correct card (never put another one back in that same spot as it can alter the astral plane and you may get a wrong result).

Re: Could ANYONE advice me on something?

Posted: 17 Oct 2014 10:20
by taniaaust1
nesgirl wrote:
taniaaust1 wrote:Here's an experiment you can do. Place a card face up without looking to see what it is, on top of a wardrobe. Then when you get out of body, check out what the card is. If you are in real time plane you may be able to actually see the correct card (never put another one back in that same spot as it can alter the astral plane and you may get a wrong result).

Probably Lucid Dreaming isn't going to prove a thing. You can get a card right or wrong, even if you were Lucid Dreaming.

There are certain odds of a person getting the hard right or wrong, depending on number of cards in the pack. With this experiment one can start with a card and if right and still doubt, one can then experiment with other things eg blindly rip out of a page out of a magazine without reading the magazine. Put it on the top of high cupboard without looking and then when one gets out of body read the page. There is many ways to go about proving that something is more then just a lucid "dream" and having some crossover with real physical life.

(and before you do it again Im going to say, dont accuse of starting up anything as you were the one who replied to my post talking about what I was even thou you've accused me of scaring and harrassing you by mentioning that kind of thing in the past.. yet you lure me into talking about it by paying attention to my posts about it and quoting my post). If you do not like my posts, please block me rather then publically complain about them and me after you've brought me into the conversation.

I do still have you on ignore but unfortunately I can tell when you've said something to one of my posts or quoted me so end up looking and get drawn into a conversation with you. (It would be really great if you blocked me so you arent responding to my posts and then blaming me when I upset you. Please block me. You can see Im still upset from when you suddenly attacked me so it would be best for this forum if you blocked me so I request to you that you do so).

Your attack on me a month ago or whenever it was.. has made me feel like I dont want ANYTHING to do with you (in my Aspergers way.. so it upsets me just to now see my name in your posts). (I know thou you have done nothing wrong in this post but by replying to you Im afraid you will attack me after that past out of the blue attack on me).

Appologies to the thread poster for bringing the issues another and I have on your thread.

Re: Could ANYONE advice me on something?

Posted: 18 Oct 2014 07:57
by taniaaust1
nesgirl wrote:Also it is because of this, it is one of the main reasons why sometimes I do lock myself in the isolation of my house most of the time and have decided not to make any friends. Although at least my cats don't mind if I have a horrible mood swing, and I can talk to them no matter what.

Also please understand I don't understand romance because I can't feel it, and I have seen bad things happen in association with it, so I associate it with negativity rather than positivity.

If you didn't know this, there is a way you can get rid of me forever.
If you really wanted me gone permanently, however, you could "Report Me". Tell the mods of everything you feel like I did wrong to you, and you can even exaggerate it a bit to your liking. You would get your wish then. If that is what you really want, if you really want me gone forever, that is all you have to do.

Dont worry, Im not about to report you, you didnt do anything wrong in your posts in this thread, its me that needs to now get over it, with my Aspergers thou its quite hard for me to let go of things esp since I still feel hurt from the episode. Im trying hard to let it go and till I do and your very presence is like a trigger now to me, I'll keep you on ignore and just hope I dont keep knowing or sensing which of your posts are responses to mine which then makes me unable to ignore them and makes me then look (and then with my Aspergers its like Im then also compulsed to reply (I did extremely well not to respond that time you badly attacked me, Im proud of myself for that). Im trying hard to get over what happened.

As far as mood swings go, cause I used to have severe premenstral dysphoric disorder along with having a triggering off hyerinsulinemia issue which made that the PMDD even worst, I do understand mood swings some. Mine actually were so bad with my medical conditions that I got into police trouble, I even decked my gardener when he arrived to lawn mow my yard when he was drunk (I have no tollerance to anything wrong when I are mood swingy), I also hit in the face a vaccum salesperson who came to my front door to try to sell me one of those. I had to keep myself away from forums while having a bad mood swing (but unfortunately couldnt control the people who come to my house door so easily). I strongly suggest that if you are mood swingy you do the same as it does help avoid getting oneself into trouble.

Dont feel any need to reply back.. we shouldnt be hyjacking a thread but I dont want pm contact with you. Hopefully once you've seen this post that one of the mods will remove the off subject posts.