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Turning Night to Day

Posted: 14 Oct 2014 03:26
by Blackjack3
I'm not a huge fan of the dark and my dreams tend to take place at night. I have tried to change it from night to day but all I get is this pinkish color???? I know how to change the basic setting but I never can do time of day. Does anyone have ways they do it or things that might work for me?

Re: Turning Night to Day

Posted: 14 Oct 2014 11:35
by taniaaust1
I dont know why it is so but I manifest things better in dreams when I use my hands in some way eg if I want to put on a light I'll click a finger and demand 'on" or I'll point to the light switch and demand "on" (it seems to help me focus more intently on the immediate moment for the change to occur).

So Im wondering if you can use your hands to arms to aid you in doing this in some way.

Another thing I do to cause a change in a lucid is I shut my eyes and think of what how I wish it to be then I open my eyes to find the change has happened. Maybe it will help to shut your eyes when changing the scene? including changing night to day. or try doing something like stepping into an an opposite world using a mirror (so night becames day).

Re: Turning Night to Day

Posted: 15 Oct 2014 22:30
by Blackjack3
These seem like good ideas and I'm sure I'll try them the next time I dream.