Being lucid without completely being lucid

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Being lucid without completely being lucid

Postby emberfire012 » 26 Oct 2014 15:25

Has anyone ever had a non-lucid dream in which you're so lucid that if you did a reality check, you could have an awesome dream, but you decide not to? I had a dream like that a few nights ago, and I woke up mentally kicking myself for not taking the chance.

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Re: Being lucid without completely being lucid

Postby buildit » 26 Oct 2014 23:10

I have had many dreams where I was lucid and just didn't see a need to deviate from the natural flow of my dream. Sometimes it's nice to just be along for the ride, as it were, just to see where things go. If needed I can always make fine adjustments to keep it interesting or avoid trouble. ;)
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