Precognitive Dreams...need insight

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Precognitive Dreams...need insight

Postby warwick555 » 05 Jan 2015 13:01

ok, so i don't really know where to start. i've always been interested in lucid dreaming, i've never been able to fully do it. but since i was a little kid until now, almost every night i have vivid dreams. i can remember almost every detail about my dreams, like watching a movie...about 5 years ago i've noticed my first precognitive dream. in my dream i remember leaving for work noticing all my car tires flat. i woke up, got ready for work, drove off, and my front right tire shredded...i've had a few after that, nothing really significant, just enough to open my eyes and wonder. i noticed that all my precognitive type dreams were accompanied by an emotion that would linger for hours or a couple of days, never knew how to interpret it, but with that emotion i was able to better remember my dream. sometimes if i cant remember the dream i'll remember the feeling i woke up with, and it reminds me of a string of dreams attached to that emotion...the last one i just had a couple of months ago was of my fiance disappearing. in my dream she was near me, then vanished, and i accused those around me of having something to do with her disappearance and i was full of rage...i woke up feeling the same "strange" emotion lingering that's happened in all my other precognitive dreams, and sure enough, later that evening she ended our relationship. i do believe there is something to this stuff. im not a skeptic thats for sure, but what is that strange feeling or it there to let me know theres something more significant about my dream? is it like a way to let me know i need to analyze my dream and beware? i did a lot of studying, but cant find much about that emotion...people talk about symbols and stuff in there dream to let em know its a precognitive dream or a voice, i never seen or heard anything like that with mine. it's always that same emotion. so when i dream and wake up feeling "strange" i get nervous and i start to think about every detail that happened in my dream. and it always seems to be negative stuff, like something bad will a very intuitive person, and very spiritual. it's just a difficult subject because of all the different beliefs, theologies, psychology, and studies...some psychologists say one thing, other psychologists say another...any insight?

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