Memories of dreams

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Memories of dreams

Postby Jack Reacher » 23 Jan 2015 10:44

I sometimes find these to be more fascinating than the dreams themselves.

Im talking about unintended, spontaneous memories that occur during waking life. For me they are like flashes, but they are incredibly vivid. I have only a handful of dreams that behave like this but they reoccur throughout my life, I will get a flashback to the same dream, sometimes at different moments, mostly just enough of the setting to remind me of the dream. Sometimes I get a bit confused as to whether it was a memory of my past, or whether it is a memory of a dream.

Its almost as if it's not the dream itself that is so interesting, but the fact that I recall seemingly forgotten ones from such a long time ago with such clarity, detail and vividness, it makes me wonder why I store them so strongly and what is so special about them, unfortunately the actual construction of the dreams is lost to me. The long term memory that we possess is truly amazing.

...anyway no real point to the thread, just wondering if many LDers here get these.
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