Remember things with LD?

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Remember things with LD?

Postby ygorvaz » 31 May 2012 04:14

Hello everybody!
I'm not new to the forum but I just registered now.
I've been trying to have LD's for a while, I already had 3 of them, but they were short and I end up falling back to a normal dream.
Anyway, I've been thinking about the pratical uses of LD and this just crossed my mind: Can we remember things using our LD's?
Imagine the following situations:
-I just lost my phone and don't remember where or when was the last place I saw it, can I remember about it with a LD?
-Can we remember about phone numbers or addresses we have forgotten with a LD?
I would like to test it myself, but first I need to have more control about when I have LDs XD.
So, anyone tested it already? What are your thoughts?

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Re: Remember things with LD?

Postby Peter » 31 May 2012 06:19

I have not done it but have heard of people that go find stuff they lost in a LD, try it and see
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