A specific question about lucid dreaming

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A specific question about lucid dreaming

Postby Somedreamyfella » 04 Apr 2015 22:00

Hi guys!

I'm new to this forum and this whole topic of lucid dreaming. I've heard dozens of times about how magic lucid dreaming can be, red about how terrifying sleep paralisys can be too, etc etc. All this got me interested.

But I've got a question. A dumb one, perhaps, but I need to ask it.

Can you get "addicted"?

I mean: we've all gone through times in life where we're unsatisfied of what or where we are; and when you're there, lucid dreaming could feel like your everyday "way out" of a dissapointing life you'll have to go on living every time you wake up until you hit your bed again.

I guess you guys see where I wanna go with this: I've never experienced lucid dreaming myself but from where I sit, it all looks like fun and games once you know how to control it. (Tell me if I'm wrong!) Some of you might have already guessed but I'm one of those that are unsatisfied with their life. (Well, put like this it all sounds very dramatic but don't worry, I'm not on the verge of commiting suicide of anything like that.) Of course I'm intrigued by lucid dreaming but in this situation where I'm making efforts to better my everyday life I also fear it could become to me what drugs are to some other people, a way out, something that you could run to when life gets tough and you don't wanna face it.

Again, I'm absolutly new on the topic of lucid dreaming. It might be a good question or veterans might laugh of my naivety about all this but well, I needed to ask so I did! :)

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Re: A specific question about lucid dreaming

Postby casey » 05 Apr 2015 18:13

You won't get addicted but even if you did, as long as it makes you happy then it shouldn't matter

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Re: A specific question about lucid dreaming

Postby RealityCheck » 06 Apr 2015 10:06

Hello there

There is really no specific answer for that question. I'm kind of in that position myself; school is boring, life seems pointless at times, and nothing interests me. I was at a phase where lucid dreaming was like an addiction. I would spend hours a day researching and reading about it because it was so fascinating. But I have self control to know when to relax a little, and I do get excited to fall asleep each day wondering if I might become lucid since lucid dream comes randomly for me at times.

Lucid dream takes a lot of practice for some people, so being able to fully control your dreams and be able to play the games you want will take some time. It really depends on how deep you want to go in terms of being addicted. And even if you do get addicted, it's not like you can lucid dream every time you sleep so you'll be limited either way.

I think you should find another hobby that could be your stress reliever, like for me, I play some video games, read, or listen to music instead of being obsessed with lucid dreaming. Since you're new to it. just relax and spend some time researching, practicing reality checks, and recording your dreams. When you get your first lucid dream, you can decide whether or not it's addicting.

Hope you feel better ;)
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Re: A specific question about lucid dreaming

Postby buildit » 06 Apr 2015 12:54

If your human you can get addicted to picking your nose, so sure why not addicted to LD? On the other hand there are normally some physical limitations to the amount of time you can LD because dreaming while driving usually has severely negative results. ;)
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Re: A specific question about lucid dreaming

Postby paprika_boss » 06 Apr 2015 13:05

Hi dreamyfella!
Well, actually, one day I've talked to a person who told me that he got addicted with lucid dreaming when he was a teenager, he was also taking drugs at that time, time that he considers the worst period of his life.
I guess you can get addicted, but if you get addicted, it won't be because of the dream, I mean, lucid dreaming won't change the composition of your brain like a drug would, so it will probably be because of a big lack of balance in your life, if you have had a very bad week or whatever, and you start thinking lucid dreaming might become your second life, you can't really blame it on the dream, it's your life that's problematic.
So basically, I think that, yes, you can get addicted, but as you could get addicted of any other thing to escape from you daily problems.

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Re: A specific question about lucid dreaming

Postby taniaaust1 » 06 Apr 2015 14:36

It would be very hard to get addicted to doing lucid dreaming as
1/ most need to be asleep to lucid dream (most people would be not able to sleep day and night!)

2/ Lucid dreaming isn't necessarily that simple.. it can take effort to get happening and most aren't able to LD a heap .. most struggle just to have one LD per day, most are lucky to have 1-2 LDs per week.

There is also the thing in which ones daily life goes and affects ones dreams too eg if one has a horrible daily life, it is very likely they will be getting struggles in their LDs too as life influences our dreaming. eg I'm going through heaps of bad stuff so that is messing with my dreams. The other day I started to go into a LD state and I started hearing my subconsciousness going on about a castle with walls running with blood. This screwed up my LD as I then debated whether to continue or not (as I was going to find myself straight into a nightmare kind of scene).. by the time I decided to go ahead still, I'd lost the state.

LD isn't necessarily an easy way to escape.. The last time I had a decent length LD .. about 2-3 weeks ago.. I actually ended up getting eaten by zombies in the lucid dream state which wasn't pleasant at all (they at,e mauled me and ate half of one of my legs. It was grusome). Situations in lucids aren't always easy to change, I could of woke myself up but Im having trouble with my LD so didn't want to do that and send a negative message to my subconsciousness to wake up during a LD). All my dreams of late are nightmarish due to the horrible stuff Im going through in real life.
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