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meditation gone weird

Posted: 25 Apr 2015 15:16
by poseidon
Hello again everybody :D

Today i decided to try and meditate for longer than usual ( 30 minutes ).
so i layed in my bed looking the roof, listening to this with my stereo earplugs : and have my eyes covered i started meditating ( brathing meditation ).

at 10-15 minutes i started feel numbness in my hands and legs and after 5 minutes more i couldnt feel them. anyway i ignored this and continued.

at about 20 minutes i started seeing very scary images in my hypnagogia like a zombie face showing off his sharpy, bloody teeth and other scary stuff. At this moment my heart started bitting very fast and loud, my breathing gone very fast and i felt vibrations in my head. I tried to get out of this by thinking "black" and then a calm, natural image.
Took me like 3 mins to start and clam down my heart rate and breathing.
After this i kept meditating ( guided from now and then to prevent an other episode ) until i finished about at 30 mins.

After standing up i could still feel numbness in my hands and legs and some vibrations( propably cuz of binaural beats )

What was that thing and how to prevent it from happening again?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english :P

Re: meditation gone weird

Posted: 26 Apr 2015 07:21
by taniaaust1
You went into a HI state (hypnagogia kind of state) which is great if someone is hoping to LD with WILD, you could of been about to have a WILD (you may be a person who is quite natural at it). I don't understand why you'd want to everything to go "black" if you are wanting to LD like I assume you are being on this website. You also may find it quite unpleasant if you WILD into just darkness (esp if those scary images you are getting follow you into the dream!! Thinking "black" under this circumstance could form a very dark nightmare LD).

Isnt the point of you meditation to have a LD? or are you doing meditation for a different reason?

Anyway, I don't at all suggest you to thinking "black" when in a HI state rather try thinking good things instead or confront those scary images and use them to help you enter the WILD faster.

Black also can represent to the subconsciousness scary things (how many little kids are scared of the dark? how many people fear dark alleys and other dark places? The dark to our minds can hide things so lead to the unseen). So thinking black could well cause the subconscious to create more scary stuff and scary emotions in a HI or LD state.

Most people who study dreams will have noticed that when bad stuff starts to happen, if outside the sun will stop shining and the sky usually goes dark. The subconsciousness links things and darkness and black are often linked with scary things so just thinking of this can cause scary images to happen.

What was that thing and how to prevent it from happening again?

If you try to prevent HI and the other sensations of it, you will be signalling to the subconsciousness that you do not want to be doing LD. (It probably wont distinguish well if you have this goal that you want it only at night but not during the day when you are meditating). If you want to LD should be encouraging the subconsciousness so it helps you.

Re: meditation gone weird

Posted: 26 Apr 2015 10:19
by poseidon
First of all yes i am here for lucid dreaming and i never had one.

So you tell me that i could get into lucid dream that way? I wasnt doing it to get into ld i just did it because i ve read ( in the main site ) that meditation will help for lucid dreaming.
If yes how can i get in an ld that way in the afternoon?
And is this going to be that scary again?

i forgot to say that i wasnt moving in all 30 mins.