The reality of reality checks

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Re: The reality of reality checks

Postby Peter » 25 Jun 2012 06:12

I've laid down for a nap mid day before and had many projections directly upon falling asleep. Does REM hit that fast?

I have a lot of ZEO records that show going from awake to REM for 5 minutes of so right on sleep in the early evening and one nice one from a week back that shows 3h46m REM in 7H25m sleep. That was a big night.
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Re: The reality of reality checks

Postby Intrepid » 27 Jun 2012 00:27

As far as reality checks, I'll vouch for them. During my last LD in April, I used the digital clock checking method a half dozen times with perfect results. My dream was so vivid and so surreal that I was nervous that my actions would have consequences. I looked at a clock in the hotel room where my dream began and confirmed that it was both inaccurate and inconsistent. I even asked the person who randomly called the room's phone what time it was in his room lol.
Also, if you're having trouble with random lucid triggers, start mastering WILD. Try counting down from 100 and meditating. When you realize you've stopped counting, start over or start back from where you last remember and just focus on relaxing and getting H.I. Count slowly and don't force it =)

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