Natural Lucid Dreamer/Real Injuries Sustained From Dreams

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Natural Lucid Dreamer/Real Injuries Sustained From Dreams

Postby maddierevenge » 04 Jun 2015 18:48

Natural Lucid Dreamer/Real Injuries Sustained From Dreams

I've been doing some research on dreams because of some slightly worrying issues I've been having. During my research I have come across lucid dreaming- being aware that you're dreaming and being able to control them. It wasn't until then that I realised that wasn't normal. I have never tried purposely to have lucid dreams, I wouldn't have a clue how to go about that, but as far as I can remember I've always had this ability (as has my father).

I've been aware of my dreams since I can remember and have been able to control what happens- I've seemed to gain more control as I've grown older (I am now 16). I remember when I was younger I used to fly around and they used to be nice, fun dreams. However, as I got older my dreams started to turn into nightmares. In all my dreams as far as I can remember I seem to be a victim of something/someone. I’m either being chased, held hostage, killed, attacked or I'm in some kind of fire or war or whatever. My 'nice' dreams have become less and less frequent over the years and now they are all bad. And yes, since I am a natural lucid dreamer it isn't THAT much of a problem.

I'm fully aware that it's only a dream and so they're never scary. It's kind of exhausting having to control everything that happens too so I tend to just sit back and watch it all unfold, viewing myself in third person being victim to whatever my mind creates. When they go a little TOO far however that's when I intervene or just wake myself up. I've never been scared in a dream; I've only ever been nervous/anxious. This is some background information about my past dreaming.

As of a couple of weeks my sleeping pattern and my dreams have suddenly changed. I do suffer from a lot of anxiety and anxiety-related health issues meaning that I never have had a great sleeping pattern. One day I was sleeping as usual- taking a long time to fall asleep, having one long 'lucid' dream and then waking up again. The next day I literally had 15-20 dreams in ONE night, waking up between each one to change position and then drifting off again. They are all short but extremely vivid dreams that I can remember perfectly for a long time after waking up. And now they're even MORE vivid... to the point that I'm being physically harmed.

I dreamt that I was arguing with my grandfather in front of friends and family when he grabbed my arm and pulled me away violently. I realised in my brain that this wasn't good so I ran away from him and barricaded myself in my bedroom. Anyway, I woke up after this short dream and felt an aching in my arm where he'd forcefully grabbed me. When I looked there was (and still is) a very clear bruise where his thumb had pushed into my skin. This freaked me out for a moment but I tried to think logically and persuaded myself that I had somehow harmed myself in real life.

Last night, I dreamt that a stranger had sneaked up behind me and burnt my hand with a cigarette before disappearing again. When I woke up I felt a stinging sensation and I now have a perfect-circle shaped burn exactly where the guy had hurt me in my dream. NOW I am concerned.

I have found no similar stories to my own on the internet so I've decided to post my own in the hope that someone out there knows what's up with my dreams.

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Re: Natural Lucid Dreamer/Real Injuries Sustained From Dream

Postby jasmine2 » 05 Jun 2015 04:12

It sounds like you have had a lot of experience with lucid dreams, but you often feel like you need to try to control everything that happens in the dream, which can be exhausting.

I suggest this very wise book -
- "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner

- Also, here at
At top of Home page, click on "Articles" - lots of good advice

You say you are very concerned because recently, when you dreamed about being injured, you woke up and discovered a bruise or apparent burn mark. It seems to me that possibly you have have a strong connection between your unconscious mind and your body physiology.
I have read old accounts of prisoners who knew they were to be hanged the next day, and they thought about this so intently that they develop welts, sore red lumps, in the skin around their necks.

You make references to some people who act aggressively toward you in real life. Is there any way that you can get more assistance in protecting yourself from these people, can you to move to a different home
location? If you can find ways to lessen your anxiety, then it seems to me that you would have fewer dreams about being attacked.

I suggest the following resources -

(1) - Article - "What Is Guided Imagery? / Health Journeys -

(2) - - "Relieve Stress"
Click on "audio samples" - available as CD or MP3

(3) - Article - "The Meaning Of Being Chased In A dream" by Amy Campion -

(4) - YouTube "Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Demonstration - by Mercola

(5) - Article - "Getting Rid Of Repeating Nightmares: A Simple, Potent , New Recipe -

(6) - Guided Imagery and Meditation Blog/ Health Journeys -
See "Categories" in right column - After clicking "read this entry", click back arrow

Best wishes - jasmine2

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Re: Natural Lucid Dreamer/Real Injuries Sustained From Dream

Postby Snaggle » 05 Jun 2015 06:47

Maddie revenge really harming oneself in a lucid dream is impossible except for: death by over exitement; by terror induced sleep apnea lasting too long or by bad breathing done while asleep.

Alternative explanations
1. You're sleep walking and hurting yourself accidentally or intentionally while doing it.

2. Someone else is hurting you while you're asleep and you're dreaming about it, for example I and my best friend tormented his big brother with a string while he was sleeping and he never woke up, though we did get him to hit himself hard to kill that hasty "bug" without waking him up. PS he and his girl friend stomped me for playing in the back yard of my new house as a 3 year old when he was ten, so I did not feel sorry for him at all. He was also a gang leader so tormenting him was a public service ;)

3. Old hags, shadow people, ghosts or demons are real and one is messing with you - I don't take this one too seriously but might be wrong about their existence.
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