Sooo close!

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Sooo close!

Postby Cokeguy » 14 Jun 2012 14:40

So yesterday my Galanta Mind arrived, and boy was I thrilled. I set my alarm to wake me up a few hours into my sleep. After waking up, I took the pill, woke myself up a bit more then went back to bed (For Wake back to bed). I probably was a bit too excited, I couldn't relax enough, but eventually I did. I kept focusing on rubbing my hands together in my head/daydream, which it actually began to feel like reality, but over and over when I felt it, I snapped back to me in bed. Anyone know how to avoid that?
Anyways, next came a huge surprise, I began feeling sleep paralysis, and suddenly I found myself in a small dungeon (Like, closet sized) pressing a button or whatever, and I was actually lucid, I changed the lights in the room to torches. But I could still feel myself breathing, and I could feel it slowly going away. It felt like my nose was clogged, and then I chickened out, I stopped my paralysis and woke back up, I thought I was going to stop breathing.
After some time after that, I pretended that I was going to roll out of my bed, and to my surprise, I did, but I had suddenly lifted myself out of my body, Instant OOBE! I got up, walked through my bedroom door and front door and took off in flight for no more than 10 seconds, then snapped back to my body.

So many experiences today, I feel that the daydream to lucid dream could work if I know how to not suddenly surprise myself with feeling the reality of my dreams.

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