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I have a MIND, I have a BODY, but what is a SOUL?

Posted: 17 Jun 2012 03:02
This is almost off topic but it isn't. Struggling with your mind and body is the very essence of lucid dreaming and out of body experiences.

BUT WHAT IS A SOUL? (If there is one?)

I am not a bad person. I am not souless. I did not sell my soul to the devil ( or wall street ). I am just a human with questions.

Let's start with the body. My body grows like a plant and I care for it as such. My nails grow like stems and I clip them, my hair grows like leaves and I cut it. I have no control over how my body behaves. And my brain is just an organ that reacts to cause and effect, hormones and enzymes, like any other part of my body.

But then there is the mind... which is not the brain. The brain is the body; the mind is an abstract idea created by our brain and body. So it begs the question WHO AM I? Or how well do we really know each other? Maybe I am an existentialist; I don't like to label, but this is going to get deep.

Why do we feel like we have to reside in our 'bodies' when our mind doesn't exist in any space or time that can be measured?

And I will end this with a burning question on my mind that has left my 'soul' with blisters.... WHAT IS A SOUL?!

(any thoughts and feelings....? I love deep conversations....)

Re: I have a MIND, I have a BODY, but what is a SOUL?

Posted: 17 Jun 2012 03:14
by SGraham
I have heard a theory that our physical bodies exsist ( sorry im a bad speller )in this precieved dimension and that our mind and soul exsist in a dimension that transends ours , and that our soul/mind controls us in this universe. i wouldnt say i beleive it but its a theory .

Re: I have a MIND, I have a BODY, but what is a SOUL?

Posted: 17 Jun 2012 07:15
by Jack Reacher
Your soul is the I in "I have a mind"

Re: I have a MIND, I have a BODY, but what is a SOUL?

Posted: 17 Jun 2012 19:00
Jack Reacher wrote:Your soul is the I in "I have a mind"

Very pithy and full of meaning, but if I rephrase it and don't separate the two concepts and say, : I am a mind"... then what? And where does my mind exist?

Is a soul just a human concept that we have imagined?... with our minds?

Re: I have a MIND, I have a BODY, but what is a SOUL?

Posted: 17 Jun 2012 22:13
by Jack Reacher
Well if you want me to give you my honest opinion, I dont think we have intangible souls that somehow influence who we are. After having a good honest look at people worse off than me, its hard to really believe we really do have that much control over our life, the soul is just a problem for bored people in 1st world countries to ponder over. People born mentally retarded cant do a thing about it, most people in 3rd world countries are simply trying to stay alive.

At the end of the day I dont really care about whether we have a soul or not, its completely irrelevant to how I live my life. I suppose the only way a soul comes into relevance in anything is when you ponder death, or rather, life after death, something im not really interested in anymore.

Re: I have a MIND, I have a BODY, but what is a SOUL?

Posted: 18 Jun 2012 01:33
by Summerlander
We have a mind...this is evident. We have a body...again, evident. A soul? Not evident. I don't believe in such a concept. In fact, I find it a little absurd.

We have something as intangible as light and yet we see how it affects the environment (photosynthesis, melatonin, circadian rhythms etc.). We also have invisible forces and we know they are there because of how they affect the environment (magnetism, gravity etc.)

But a soul? Not visible, not tangible, not measurable in any way shape or form... and yet some adherents of such tripe expect it to control our bodies... sometimes to even move objects in the case of haunted houses and discarnate entities that somehow give off light and make themselves visible!

If it is "non-physical" as they say... how can it effect the physical realm? :roll:

It is an idea that makes some people feel comfortable - especially those who refuse to face the facts... the facts are there!! Death will come!

It is a fantasy many cling to despite the fact that there isn't one shred of evidence - not one shred of convincing evidence!!

Re: I have a MIND, I have a BODY, but what is a SOUL?

Posted: 18 Jun 2012 02:04
by Worldenterer1
I think I may be able to answer some of your questions.

You asked why we feel like our minds have to reside in our bodies.

I think that is because people are able to imagine things far beyond the realm of possiblilty. We can even imagine ourselves doing these things (flying, breathing under water, etc.)

However, humans can not do these things. Maybe that is why you feel restrained or resided.

If you dislike this feeling, maybe you would want to look into training yourself to do amazing things with your mental or physical skills (backflip, become a historian, or become a great runner)

You also asked what a soul is.
If by soul, you mean the religious kind that will travel to an afterlife, I would express my disbelief in the matter.

There are people who say that the way a person acts or who they become as a person has to do with their soul, but that is all actually controlled by the mind.

I honestly don't think there is any place in this world for the term "soul". Any type of emotion, skill, affection, or any other sensation has to do with the brain and its chemical signals and whatnot. The religious type of soul could not exist because the brain decomposes after death, meaning that any sensation whatsoever can not be experienced. The only way I could possibly imagin an afterlife working out would be if the human brain is somehow capable of creating a consciouss that is able to exist and sustain itself outside the human body. Other than that, I think death is pretty much game over. Forever. And ever. Yep.

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Re: I have a MIND, I have a BODY, but what is a SOUL?

Posted: 18 Jun 2012 12:15
by Shadow
Your soul is what leaves your body when you die. Sure our bodies will grow old and wither and turn to dust but our soul is eternal. Your soul is purely you. That's why we should get right with Jesus. :mrgreen:

Re: I have a MIND, I have a BODY, but what is a SOUL?

Posted: 18 Jun 2012 13:19
by Jack Reacher
....uh wtf has that got to do with jesus?

Re: I have a MIND, I have a BODY, but what is a SOUL?

Posted: 18 Jun 2012 23:15
I find it interesting that people brought up death and religion when I questioned the existence of a soul. I never mentioned it.

But a soul certainly stirs up those thoughts. Perhaps some humans have created the idea of a soul to satisfy existential questions about our existence. Which can be dangerous to certain groups that try to control us... who are they?.... oh yea! RELIGIOUS GROUPS!

Yea, I am an atheist. But still spiritual.

I'll keep this conversation going with a nerdy reference. :geek:
I've been watching a lot of Star Trek The Next Generation recently, and in it, there is a character named DATA who is an android who is constantly trying to become more human. He has a body, he has a mind, but, if you were to ask him, would he say that he has a soul? (it's only a fictional show, and a hypithetical question)
I have other references to shows like Full Metal Alchemist, and Evangelion... two good animes..... but for another time.