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5 Questions about Lucid Dreaming

Posted: 24 Nov 2015 05:39
by Sparkles85
So I have never had a lucid dream, simply because I am loosing motivation. If anyone could answer these questions, I will become 80% more motivated to lucid dream. Sorry about so many questions.
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1. Can you ski or snowboard in a lucid dream? While wearing ski attire/boots/helmet/goggles/clothes/skis?
2. If you have never been somewhere in real life, (Jackson Hole Ski Resort/Airport), can you go there in a dream, with good detail, as if you were visiting it in real life?
3. Could you possibly hire a ski/snowboard instructor to teach you how to ski/snowboard?
4. If you master skiing in a lucid dream, will you be better at it in real life?
5. Any tips on having a vivid skiing dream?
That is all for now. Sorry for so many questions. More to come probably. Please test
this out, and get back with me on this! I am obsessed with skiing.

Re: 5 Questions about Lucid Dreaming

Posted: 24 Nov 2015 07:53
Lucid dreaming is like having a really strong imagination, so almost anything is possible

YES, you can do all those things, but having an instructor teach you who doesn't suddenly morph into a snail or some random thing is hard. ;)
Our subconscious has a mind of its own. :D

But certainly practicing something in a lucid dream will carry forward in your waking life for sure.

Re: 5 Questions about Lucid Dreaming

Posted: 25 Nov 2015 00:53
by Lonely Tear
i love helping people learn more about lucid dreams and help them get into it as its an amazing epxerience and something to be proud of doing. so lets see if i can answer thise for you...

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1 - Yeah, any activity is possible, flying into space, swiming at the bottom of the ocean, with or without air, with or without clothes, punching the sun... all it takes is a good enough imagination and strong enough will to learn how to lucid dream. You can even go as far to Feel the wind on your skin or warmth of the sun, emotions like fear, happiness or anger can also be present. just remember, if there is a will, there is a way! :D

2 - you and no, the stronger the imagination the more detals you will be able to see once you arrive, i visited many of the worlds wonders to explore them without ever being there in real life, however there is a fine line between reality and dreams, let me explain... you CAN simulate the look of the place the way you imagine it to be and it will look fairly like to the real thing (lets say you saw a picture of it somwhere) or sometimes in special cases, you will visit the place and it will look like the real thing 99% of the time even if you dont know anything about it, its usually when De-Ja-Vu kicks in, however this is a... difficult topic...

3 - yup, Dream characters are a interesting thing and from my experience there are 3 types.. Sub-Con. related, (one or ones that represent your Subconscious), Friends (a group of characters you meet offten in your dreams) and bystanders (a mob thats there for sake of filling up the dream, lets say crowd of people at airport)
you CAN hire or meet a character that will teach you about how to ski, and while it is not going to teach you how to ski on its own (a part of it has to do with Muscle Memory and your physical atributes) it will help focus your mind on it and teach it passively, help take down fears connected to it and such. for example, i was afraid of driving a car and tx to some training in my dreams and my dream characters, i was able to get over the fear and sit down to drive, while it didnt teach me about rules like traffic lines or signs, it made me a lot more relaxed and mindful about it.

4 - like i explained in a 3. answer, it wont teach you 100% but doing it offen will put your mind at ease when doing it in real life, you mastered the experience, just not the doing part of it.

5 - it comes down with practise.. it is possible to make dreams amazing on scale that words cant even discribe it, but it all comes down to practise. just like anything in life, you need to work for it, and while im sure that anyone can learn how to lucid dream if they put their mind to it, once you start lucid dreaming it will be about how can you make thise dreams better, bigger, longer and more awesome.

i wont lie, it will be difficult for you to get to your first lucid dream, it took me a year to do it myself. but it is possible, the process does work itself, you just need to stay motivated and keep at it. the payoff is well worth it, i would recommend the MILD method (mind induced lucid dreams) where you would record your dreams with diary and learn how to lucid dream trough reality cheks. if you are into skiing, thinking about it might put you in a dream where your doing it, and help you realise your dreaming, just dont crash in a tree and wake up..

i also recommend this video, it will explain a bit of what you need to know to get started, it helped me years ago and i think it might help you as well.
i hope this helps, and sorry for spelling mistakes.

Re: 5 Questions about Lucid Dreaming

Posted: 25 Nov 2015 05:38
by Sparkles85
Thanks! I appreciate the help! I went skiing for one day, and it was breathtaking, and ever since then, I have been wanting to go again. So, then I found out about Lucid Dreaming, and all the things you can do, and was amazed. Now, I am trying to find a good method to help me have my first lucid dream. I have been working with DIELD, and I am getting some progress! I am not fully lucid, but I am get farther and farther into the process every night! By the way, thank you for the video, that really helped me a lot! :)