Am Back Like a superman

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Am Back Like a superman

Postby kola » 27 Jun 2012 14:29

After, a count of 6 days that I wished I could fly again after joining this forum few weeks ago at last I did it.
This happened two nights ago-I woke up to ease my self after which I couldn't sleep back immediately. I was thinking about a call from my Boss earlier that night and the annoying statement he made and I wished I could tender my resignation letter the next day,which is impossible without securing another job first.Also considering I have a wife and daughter to care for.
On my back I laid on the bed with my wife fast asleep beside me. I drift slowly to sleep and it became a dream but in the dream I was walking along a path in a suburb with my wife.I immediately sense this and remembered my quest to lucid dream again.I took the opportunity held my wife with my right hand, run i few yards and stretched my left hand.Up I went like a superman,I notice my wife's weight pulling me down immediately , so I landed with my legs. I tried again but this time spotted a slope-Like landscape, I ran again still holding my wife tight like the first run but ran more yards on the slope and there I go flying high about the ground and above the buildings with my wife safe on my hold. I wanted to explore the dream so i did some things like - increased my speed, turn between buildings and even did a 180 degrees turn. It was Fun. I don't know much about dream terminology so I cant really classify the dream I had. Am back :D

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