Seasoned lucid dreamer and sleep paralysis person here.

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Seasoned lucid dreamer and sleep paralysis person here.

Postby piece_of_mind » 06 Mar 2016 03:13

I taught myself how to lucid dream when I was 17. I have also experienced sleep paralysis since I was 15. I have taught myself how to control these things. Most dreams I have are lucid. I cannot control when I have sleep paralysis, but when I do I know how to control and manipulate it. I'm not trying to sound grandiose at all. What I'm trying to say is, I have mastered control over lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. I have experienced both of these hundreds of times. I know how to control my dreams, and I know how to embrace and control my sleep paralysis. I have had many fucked up dreams and out of body experiences in the process. I am posting here for support and I am offering advice. If anyone has questions about lucid dreams or sleep paralysis, please talk to me. I have done these things so many times. I am looking for an understanding community.

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