Help ?

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Help ?

Postby Kryptonix » 16 Mar 2016 19:33

Hello, I'm new to this forum and I joined because not a lot of people understand me and I was sure that was gonna find some people who understand me here. So I first started having lucid dreams when I hit puberty, my brother was talking about it a lot but than I started reading some things online and how to induce lucid dreams so I decided to try it. So as I said I didn't force anything like "I gotta do this." it was just for fun, I don't remember what i did exactly but I remember it had to do something with counting fingers. And I was able to do it on the first try, I remember dreaming something and actually getting my hands up and starting to count my fingers and I would always count them wrong so I knew it was a dream. But after that happened I woke up, from than I can have a lucid dream nearly every time I want and I'm able to remember it (usually happens when I sleep on my back). But after some time I started getting another weird kind of "dreams", me standing up from my bad in the middle of the night and starting to walk around my house knowing that I'm sleeping but actually walking around my house. I gotta move very gently when I have dreams like that because I wake up if I don't. And for some reason every time I do have those kind of dreams I trip and fall like I'm in slow motion.

I had sleeping paralysis a few times and it was scary af, once I saw the black shadow, and once I heard a lot of voices speaking in the same time louder and louder(I could recognize my parents voices) and when I looked to the left I saw my dad standing next to me. I was so scared that I went to ask my parents in the morning if they were maybe doing something in room.

P.S. I'm only 17, It is kinda scary so that is why I'm here, sorry for my bad english its my foreign language.

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Re: Help ?

Postby HAGART » 19 Mar 2016 09:18

You are in the right place.
I have experienced everything you said, and yes, it is scary if you have nobody to talk to about it.

I don't know where to begin. Read other threads to find answers or ask a specific question and I will help you
with the best of my ability.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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