waking 3 times

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waking 3 times

Postby jdmiller » 19 Mar 2016 12:36

I have been lucid dreaming form over about 6 years now kinda off and on. manly only when i think about it, but here lately i have been having different kinds of dreams. At first it started with me not being able to move and having trouble breathing I was able to snap my self out of that or so i thought. once i was able to move and breath again I woke up in my bed thinking everything was completely normal and going to my kitchen to get a glass of water. I came back to my room after so see someone else laying in my bed and i freaked out trying to figure out what was going on. at this point i still thought i was perfectly awake and that someone had waited for me to get out my bed so they can lay in it, but i had no one over that night, i was the only one there. I was terrified. I dont know why but my instinct was to jump on the man in my bed and strangle him, so i did. then i wake up again in real life.

The next time this happened i had started to lucid dream and everything was going great then i thought to actually sleep in my dream. once i was asleep i started having another dream and it was also a horror. and i woke up from that dream in my dream still and i could tell because there tv in my room was a old time box tv instead of the flat screen i have. after that things started going south again. and i woke up in real life sweaty and breathing harder than ever. i would put more detail, but this post is already long.

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