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Recently Discovered

Postby Andy352 » 03 Aug 2016 14:44

Hi guys
My name is andrew i live in QLD Australia, im 26 and have 2 kids.
I recently discovered that my dreams were in fact lucid dreaming, i have never heard of it in my life. Ever since i can remember i have been lucid dreaming every single night of my life, to me that was normal and i thought everybody dreamt the exact same way until recently when i was talking to my partner about them and she said no that she cant control herself and she doesn't dream every night. So i asked around and they said the same thing. Does this make me weird that i have been lucid dreaming everyday of my life ?.

Also ill tell you a little bit about my control over my dreams. So it started years ago i found myself talking to people in my dreams telling them that they are apart of my imagination and that im lying in a bed in the real world asleep. I would be able to control my whole body and do whatever i wanted.

After the years went on my brain must of caught on that i was in control and tried to start countering the things i did, my dreams would literally fight me and make me frozen or go in slow motion while im telling my head to stop fighting me. Then i started having the exact same dreams and the funny thing was telling the people in my dream exactly what was about to happen and when it did the look on their faces priceless lol. I have recently taught myself how to fly in my dreams, it has taken more 12 solid months of pratice as my dreams were trying to fight against it but now i can freely do it as i please.

Now to me all this seemed normal and i thought as i said that everyone does this but it appears not. But i have been doing it all my life.If you guys could shed any light on this and let me know your thoughts that would be appreciated. Cheers

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Re: Recently Discovered

Postby erichsa » 05 Aug 2016 14:58

Hi Andy
being lucid every night, what a fantastic life. How does a normal lucid night go? What do you do at night? How does it differ from your day life? Does it help you to decide on your day action?. I would love to know if you could tell us a typical night and what you do for fun and joy, or sad things. How did you learn how to fly? Do you body fly? I hope you don't mind me asking all this questions, but you are to me such a fantastic person, and I hope to hear a more from you. I am sure our website and forum members will be able to help you with specific questions you have. :)

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