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It's just too frightening ...

Posted: 12 Aug 2016 19:36
by Buximi
Hi ! I'm Leon , 16.
Recently got interested in LD's and a few days ago I started with RC's , throughout the day , and already had some success.
In my dreams , I make a reality check and suddenly ~BOOM~ everything becomes very vivid , I'm in the center of my dreams and it gets shaky. Well , whenever I get lucid , I'm at a scary place - looking at a open door with a dark hallway and such .

Anyone could help me have a more happy approach ?

Thanks a bunch , Leon :)

Re: It's just too frightening ...

Posted: 16 Aug 2016 13:53
by RealityCheck
Hey Leon!

Hmm, how many times have you had a successful lucid dream so far? I'd like more details about your lucid dreams :)

Perhaps the next time you enter a lucid dream, you slow down a little and observe your surrounding after doing a reality check. Remind yourself that it's all just a dream and that you're the one in control. If you start being afraid, it will transfer into your dream environment and change into something unpleasant, so calm your mind down a little and jump into action. Jump off buildings and fly, spin around and change things up, run around and explore, etc.

I don't know much about these scary dreams you are having, but if you can manage to stay lucid, try changing your own approach and be willing to fight anything that comes at you, like an adventure! Remember it's just a dream :)