Lucid Dream Sex

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Lucid Dream Sex

Postby MicahDreamz » 04 Sep 2016 22:12

So I have been having Lucids like every night for the past week and have been doing a lot of sexual things. And it's loads of enjoyment but I seem to struggle with staying in the dream long enough to finish my business. I can engage in sexual activities heavily for 15-20 seconds tops before waking up. It's not because my REM sleep ends. I know it has to do with my mental state during the sex. I think I get too excited or lose focus and that causes me to wake up. Maybe i just need more practice to learn from experience? What i want to know is if anybody here has been able to master lucid dream sex and stay in the dream while doing it. If so, please drop a reply with advice!
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Re: Lucid Dream Sex

Postby jasmine2 » 04 Sep 2016 22:48

Author Robert Monroe wrote that, when he was having out-of-the body experiences, he frequently would feel strong sexual desire, and he would then concentrate on finding a willing imaginal world sexual partner. But, as a result, he would forget about trying any other kinds of out-of-body explorations.

He decided that, when he was having out-of-body experiences and felt sexual desire, he would acknowledge the situation, saying, "O.K., I'm having these strong feelings now, and I will take care of my sexual needs very soon. But first, I want to try out a different type of out-of-body experiment.

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Re: Lucid Dream Sex

Postby HAGART » 18 Sep 2016 02:55

Go with the flow and don't expect it to be what you want. Orgasms can happen so easily in lucid dreams from my experience, and it doesn't take much. You can totally think outside the box and it's not about the act of sex, but the idea of sex that can be more stimulating. It's unlimited and all depends on what you personally fancy.

Some may say it's a waste of time to pursue sex in a dream because it's merely mental masturbation, and because it's not the best use of a lucid dream, but I disagree, especially for beginners. I say, have fun, and there is so much dream control you can learn by doing that, and not treating lucid dreams like a mystical thing that you must use to learn the answers of the universe from.

Have some fun! It's the best way to learn, and the rest is practice and familiarity. I had a few orgasms in lucid dreams and still kept on dreaming because I got use to it over the years. Plain and simple. You get use to it like riding a bike and I have no profound advice.

(In fact, I have read some detailed posts one time, on I think Dream Views, and I am but a mere student compared to the masters. I don't study underthem, no, but I just go with the flow if my mind wants to go there, which it often does. ;) )
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