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Sorta False Awakening??

Posted: 02 Oct 2016 02:34
by a_kittycow
Ever since I was in middle school, I would have these dreams every now and then that kinda fall under false awakening type dreams, but not really. The ones that made up most of my dreams during middle school were ultra realistic, so much so that I had a hard time telling them apart from reality. Instead of waking up in reality from one of those dreams because the illusion was compromised or something along those lines, I would wake up because my dream self went to sleep. This would go on 2 or 3 times through the night; I would fall asleep in real life, and wake up in a dream or vice versa. These didn't really phase me, although they were irritating since it felt like I got little to no sleep.

However, recently, I've had these false awakening dreams that were kinda similar to dream chains or whatever it's called when you go back to the same dream after waking up. One that I had sometime earlier this week was of my friend and a girl sleeping in a bed on one side of my room while I and a friend of mine were sleeping in another bed on the other side of the room. We all woke up and I noticed that the girl and my friend were wearing matching shirts and shorts with cherries on them. Every time I sat down on the bed in the dream, I would wake up in real life-which happened 3 or 4 times. But when I fell back asleep, I returned to the same dream, but I was in a different spot as if the dream itself was going on without me while I was awake in reality. Just like in middle school, I had the feeling as if I was awake all night.

The dream I had last night was similar to that one and the others I had in middle school, just alot more elaborate and weird. In the dream, I woke up and got out of bed to go outside and check on my two dogs Honey and Shiba. When I saw them, Honey got up on her hind legs and motioned with her front paw to follow them, which I did. They took me to the corner of my house closest to the window in my bedroom where it looked like someone tried to plant something there but gave up. There were dead goats and sheep around it and my dogs looked at me like 'well, what are you going to do about this??' I shrugged and waited for my grandad to come back home. When he did, he told me to just leave them because they would make good soil. So I went back inside the house with him and got in bed to go to sleep. That's when I woke up in reality. I was very dazed and fell back asleep fairly quick, only to wake back up in the same dream, except it was morning and I was hearing weird noises and movement coming from where those dead goats and sheep were. I got out of bed and went outside to check it out, only to see this goat sheep llama hybrid staring at me. He had goat eyes, a long neck and was very fluffy-looked like he was a baby of whatever species he was from. As soon as he saw me though, he played dead and I just laughed and went back inside. I watched him shuffle around in the same spot making noises through my bedroom window until I fell asleep. Once again, I woke up in real life, this time slightly more awake and irritated. I was still tired though, so I fell asleep again. I was back in the dream again, already getting out of bed and going outside to see the creature by the dead animals-I was planning on taking it inside with me. After making sure all the other animals were dead-they had glass eyes that I could kinda see my reflection in-I picked up the little guy and took him inside and into my room. He was super top heavy because of his long neck and short body, and me putting my necklaces on him probably didn't help much. I got tired and got into bed. He hopped onto the bed and made a spot by my stomach and we fell asleep that way.

By the time I woke up in reality it was 9 in the morning and I still wanted more sleep, but that was before I started playing on my phone lol. There's one more dream that was similar to these that I remember as well. Basically, my cousin was in my house watching football, and I heard my dogs barking outside. I went to check on them and there was a pitbull in my yard. I yelled at him to go away but he phased through the gate and the house, barking in the living room. I shouted at my cousin to help me and by the time I got into the living room, my two dogs were playing with the pitbull. Honey had a big gaping hole in the side of her torso, I could see flesh and tissue and organs and bones. That's when I woke up and I was too scared to go back to sleep. I ended up passing out anyway and had a different dream of me and some of the people that I'm in a play with getting ice cream. Suddenly though, the same pitbull burst through the doggy door of the ice cream place with my two dogs following close behind. Honey still had the hole in her side but she was also missing an eye and an ear. I freaked out and woke up in real life. Even though I didn't want to go back to sleep, I konked out once again and had a different dream. I was outside watching my dogs playing with each other, though Honey still was battered and mangled. Shiba was biting Honey's hind leg and started peeling off her fur and skin. I woke up again due to my alarm clock and rushed out of bed to get ready for school and avoid falling asleep.

Anyway, sorry for the long paragraphs, but I just needed to know what's going on. Is this a more complicated version of false awakenings or something else? Why is it happening? Thank you so much for reading it and helping me out, and I'm sorry if there's either a similar thing floating around or a better spot to put this.

Re: Sorta False Awakening??

Posted: 05 Oct 2016 22:50
by dizzyuluru
I myself have never experienced anything like it, but I have heard about people who wake up and go straight back into the same dream. Question is, were these dreams lucid or not?

Re: Sorta False Awakening??

Posted: 06 Oct 2016 01:26
by a_kittycow
dizzyuluru wrote:I myself have never experienced anything like it, but I have heard about people who wake up and go straight back into the same dream. Question is, were these dreams lucid or not?

Sadly they weren't lucid, even though I've been practicing the reality checks for a while now. They've just been stuck in my brain lol.

Re: Sorta False Awakening??

Posted: 11 Oct 2016 07:26
by yosa2
Those were some deap dreams, they sound little scary; I have experienced a panic reaction into another dream state, but usually when I go to bed tired, or when im already aware its a dream; its wierd, but Iv become aware of the dream state, forgoten, then woke up, just to fall alsleep again, not the same as a dream within a dream.