Imagination Inside A Lucid Dream

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Imagination Inside A Lucid Dream

Postby alij8000 » 23 Nov 2016 07:00

i tried imagining in a lucid dream and it works pretty much the same as it works in real life,its just imagination.
i was wondering if you can do more with it inside a lucid dream tough,
for example,if you could imagine something in the exact scene that your in,and instead of opening your eyes,transition into the ''modified scene'' trough your imagination,(you no longer open your eyes now because their alredy open since you transitioned).
this can be super usefull for example if you want to summon a character,70% of the time for me i summon them wrong or i don't manage to summon them at all by traditional methods such as looking the other way and looking back again,
this would be 100% chance of sucsess if it works,but i don't want to waste another 10 minute LD on it as i alredy wasted that trying to see if i could change the size of characters,which i did,you can actually sate your ''minigirl fetish'' in an LD,my LD today lasted about 20 minutes or so real time,my longest LD so far,
i actually got a mini adriana lima and inspected her up close it was sooooo cuteee you have noooo friggin idea how awosome of an experiance it was (unless u've alredy done it urself.)

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Re: Imagination Inside A Lucid Dream

Postby Kaari » 01 Jan 2017 08:34

Sure, you've already mentioned imagining things into existence. I do it often when a dream is troubling me (like being chased). I won't be lucid but I know that I can create doors or imagine myself invisible (like when you were a kid) or sometimes I'll create guns (too many movies?). I do find that if I try to hard it won't work quite the way I want. There needs to be a certain ease to it.

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