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Re: Lucid Mindset/Lifestyle Technique

Postby baccuss123 » 05 Jun 2018 10:16

Sean Jacobs wrote:I am a very light sleeper who has ongoing issues with insomnia, which is not conducive to most lucid dreaming techniques. I have tried most of them and have had success with journaling and MILD but it always comes with the cost of losing sleep which has a negative impact on my waking life. This leaves me with limited options for lucid dreaming. I have read several books, many articles, and many posts on forums regarding lucid dreaming. The one technique that appeals to me most is the “Lucid Mindset or Lucid Lifestyle” technique. Stephen LaBerge speaks of this in his book “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.” He states that he has interviewed what he called “Ultra Frequent Lucid Dreamers.” These people have 1000+ lucid dreams per year. All of these people have something in common; they have some kind of deeply ingrained habit which leads them to lucidity in most of their dreams. Some of these people suffered from chronic nightmares as children which lead them to constantly (in waking life) question if they are “Safe” in their current environment (If I’m dreaming I’m in danger. Am I dreaming?); some had obsessive compulsive behaviors which lead them to question what they were doing 10 minutes ago, which lead them to realize they were in bed 10 minutes ago. In these cases no other induction techniques were required.

This is what I want for my life. I want to reach a point where I can’t help but become lucid in my dreams. But how?

As I pondered this question I came to the realization that what we are all looking for, the most important aspect for everyone who pursues lucid dreaming, is one brief moment, one spark, of realization. We all want the tiny spark in our minds that triggers us to question our reality. We dream journal to help us locate dream signs, hoping when we see them it will trigger that spark. We repeat mantras and affirmations hoping they will help to trigger that spark. We try to “fall asleep while still awake” hoping to carry that spark directly into our dreams. That tiny spark, that one simple thought is what we all need to kindle lucidity. All of our lucid dreaming goals depend on this one simple thing.

Why is this tiny spark of realization so difficult to achieve? I believe it is because we are deeply programed, right from birth, to spend the majority of our lives mindlessly responding to outside stimuli. We are human. We have our five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, & taste. We move though life responding to these stimuli without thinking too much about it. It is just normal life. Then we have the emotional aspect. We respond to the stimuli we receive both physically, and mentally/emotionally. I believe we spend the majority of our waking lives on “auto pilot.” We simply go with the flow without much thought beyond that constant barrage of sensory input. Through these senses we perceive our world. Yet there is another world, our dream world. The vast majority of people barely think about their dreams. They don’t have a clue about the amazing possibilities of their dreams. But we do.

So, I have concluded that I need to continuously break free of mindlessly responding to external stimuli. I need to constantly create that spark of realization in my daily life. I need to ingrain this habit into my mind so deeply that it reaches my subconscious and feeds over to my dreams. Once I have created this habit to the point where I do it without thinking, in theory I should be able to lucid dream effortlessly often.

I have been back into lucid dreaming for about 47 days. But it has only been in the last 14 days that I have begun to focus on this technique, at which time I stopped maintaining my dream journal (except for lucid dreams) and stopped using MILD. I have gotten lucid once since then (on Jan 31st 2017).

I have read some articles on forming a habit, and most state it takes 21 days. However, I read another article which stated it takes 66+ days to form a habit. I find this one more reasonable. But, because I am trying to ingrain this so deeply that it will reach my dreams, I’m going to shoot for 365 days….yes 1 year.

Here is the plan:
• I will question my reality (Am I dreaming?), look around me closely for anything out of the ordinary, odd or “dreamlike”, and then do a reality check (I look at my hand and count my fingers) often during the day (50+ times). I will also do this any time I move to a new environment/location. If I walk into another room, go outside, enter/exit a building, enter/exit a vehicle, etc I will question reality and reality check.
• I will continue to give myself affirmations about succeeding in my plan before I sleep and when every I feel I have time.
• Before I sleep I will also remind myself to check my reality.
• I will stay motivated by reading my LD journal and reading materials about lucid dreaming.

Today is day 15 of this technique. I will update this post as I progress.

What I do is use my physical pain as a link to dream. Instead of asking if I am dreaming. I try to notice if my back hurts, or my vaarious nerve damage hurts. If it does not.... I know I am dreaming and thus "wake" up and bring consciousness to the dream,
The problem with this method is that it is very very easy to wake up while querying your body if it hurts. Although this is a very interesting avenue of research. Because you can half wake, and observe your body and surrounding while still mostly asleep and in the dream world.
I like to create a 80" tv screen in my dream that I observe my bodies surroundings while still asleep. It's a bit weird. But works. Not to mention you can see through walls, sheets, pillows...etc in this perspective.

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