[Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

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Do you keep a dream journal?

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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby Rammschnev » 25 Jun 2017 22:06

I sleep very hard, so I find it essential to have any presence in the dream world at all. I have let periods of time lapse between doing it, but I have been keeping it up for the past month or so now. It shoots dream recall through the roof in just a few days, and also seems to have changed the nature of my dreams significantly. I used to almost never dream in the 1st person, rather 3rd person dreams of the events of others or even of myself but seen out-of-body. These made it difficult to even think of doing reality checks or taking control of a dream. Now most of my dreams are in first-person, and my attention to the dreaming process has brought me close to lucidity on a few occasions. I find that I sometimes wake feeling disappointing at having no memory of a dream at all, but thinking of a single detail and deciding to write it down suddenly brings an entire epic rushing back to me that would have been totally lost.

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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby goldenrose » 26 Jun 2017 06:58

I have a fancy journal I bought for 6 dollars at a pharmacy. Having something nice helps me want to write my dreams down in it; if it's in a regular notebook, I never seem to write in it. I record my dreams most of the time, unless I am too busy to do so. It is very helpful in dream recall for certain, so now I always remember the long, vivid, involved dreams, at the very least. :D
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Re: [Poll] Does Anyone Actually Keep a Dream Journal?

Postby naturespirit » 06 Jul 2017 02:21

I keep a private dream journal offline, which I generally jig down quick notes, and then elaborate later, aiming for about 500 words.
I then print it off and use it for reading material during WBTB.
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