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REM phase consciously - Some ideas

Posted: 14 Mar 2017 13:47
by Silence
Hi, i wanna share something and ask for ideas for my lucid dreams. Im from spain and my english is not really good but i will try my best, sorry for that, in spain we dont have good info about lucid dreams :S :(

Sometimes when I try to induce myself into a dream i notice that my eyes start moving random and fast, that happens when im not in a dream yet and i can still move my real body. Its like when u shiver cause its cold, you can stop it if you focus but your body want to do it, the same happens with my eyes movement. Its that Rem phase? Someone have the same feeling?

The other think i wanna ask are some ideas about objetives in my lucid dreams, i like to try new things everyday and if you have some cool things or ideas i will like to know them :) I had sex, I visited famous places, i talked with famous people, I got drunk, i created histories, i created cities and places, the other night i was a parkour master (petry easy haha) and a lot of things more. Im actually trying to find my personified consciencie, but not succes atm :S That idea its from a friend that told me that he could do it.

Re: REM phase consciously - Some ideas

Posted: 15 Mar 2017 01:10
by lucidé
To your first question, yes that's REM sleep, but it's when you don't fall partially between a dream and waking, or the SP stage. You could technically move your body if you really wanted to, and snap yourself right out of it. If you are feeling really relaxed and start feeling your eyes moving back and forth with your mind clean and completely empty, you are wasting your chance to perform an instant WILD technique. It is rare to be conscious still be fully conscious, to feel the REM in your eyes, and be able to move you body around, however I have experienced the same thing. Usually within minutes or seconds your mind decides to pick up on a thought, you'll phase into a dream.

Ideas for lucid dreams? Wow there is a whole list of ideas for that. Any superpower you can imagine, like from the comics. Eating anything you want, and not gaining weight from it. Reliving certain events in your life. Recreating any story you wish. Increasing your skill level based on a real life skill. Venting your anger on a DC based off of an enemy from real life. At some of the more experienced levels, learning to tell accurate time. Placebo healing. Meshing.